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Быстрый поиск
CS-Cart модуль "Быстрый поиск" (для 4 версии) мгновенно выдает результаты поиска, как только клиент начал вводить буквы или цифры в строку поиска. Дает возм...

View All Products
View All option will deliver to your customer all products on a single page, without being forced to navigate from page to page to see all the produc...

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New Arrivals
New Arrivals add-on adds extra functionality to your CS-Cart online store. The available products are listed automatically depending of the release d...

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Info Popup for Customers
The Info Popup for Customers add-on allows store owners to inform customers about their own products/services or display advertising banners on homep...

Terms & Conditions text on checkout page
Add-on to display terms and conditions text on checkout page

Dynamic Category
Show a sidebox with current subcategories


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Facebook Connect and Share Order on Facebook
1-Click login & 1-Click share of order

Alphabetical Product Index
Allow customers to browse products alphabetically easily

Hide Price for Out of Stock Products
CS-Cart Hide Price for Out of Stock Products Addon will hide the price automatically for all the out of stock products.

Lowest Price
A must have addon for stores with quantity discount


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Price Per Unit
Add unit name after price