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EZ Tax Reporting
Generate tax reports for collected taxes

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EZ Vendor Plans Plus
This addon will allow you to extend the vendor plans addon to support category commissions and vendor bonuses


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Facebook Comments
This module allows the store admininstrator to setup, administer and customise Facebook comments


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Facebook Connect and Share Order on Facebook
1-Click login & 1-Click share of order

Facebook Feed
The plug-in makes it possible to create dynamic advertising on Facebook for the promotion of online store products using data feed. Data feed is a file w...

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Facebook Live Chat Messenger
Facebook Live Chat Messenger Addon for CS-CART adds instant chat widget icon to your CS-CART store. The customer messages go directly to your Facebook Pages...

Facebook login
Модуль «Facebook login» позволяет покупателям войти в магазин с помощью своих данный из социальной сети Facebook.


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Facebook Pixel
Use Facebook Pixel add-on to track the actions people take on your website across devices and run Facebook advertising campaigns more effectively.

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Facebook Pixel
This magnificent add-on integrates user’s CS-Cart store with Facebook pixel.

Facebook Pixel
CS-Cart модуль Facebook Pixel позволяет отслеживать события в магазине через сервис Facebook Pixel


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Facebook Wall Feed
Facebook Wall Feed allows the user to display their feeds or post from facebook pages. It will receive your facebook wall post automatically. You can displa...

Facebook пиксели
Собирайте и анализируйте информацию о действиях посетителей вашего интернет-магазина с модулем “Facebook Пиксели” и повышайте эффективность рекламных ка...


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Falling Snow Effect
Powered snowflakes falling animations on your web page for upcoming holidays.


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Fancy Color Filter
Allow your customers to browse your products by using color filters.

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faq , faq module , faq extension , faqs , question , frequently asked questions , onjection


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Faturah payment gateway Add-on
Cart Modules created an Addon for Faturah to integrate it in your Cs cart store. This Addon adds support for “Faturah” Arabic payment integration to yo...

Features in categories
Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to set product features on categories.

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Fedex Shipping API integration

File as profile field
Extension to Multi-Vendor allows to add "file" fields to vendor application form, to attach additional files to application. New vendor can send his l...

Filter vendors list by specific criteria
Extension to Multi-Vendor allows creating filters for vendors. This way, we can create any filters which make searching for certain vendor easier.

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First data payment gateway Add-on
This Add-on provides Cs-cart payments processing and return statuses handling via First data payment gateway.

Fixed amount payments from the sale of products for the vendor
Addon allows you to set the amount of the payment to the seller for each product.

Flickr Gallery
Display Flickr gallery

Flipkart Connector
With the help of CS-Cart Flipkart Connector, you can manage your products and orders on Flipkart via CS-Cart backend.


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Fly to Cart
This module adds animated Fly-to-Cart effect

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Follow Vendor
Let your customers get notifications about the vendor products.

Follow Vendor And Category
CS-Cart Follow Vendor And Category addon is used to make a user follow a "Vendor" and "Category". When a user follows a "Vendor" and "Category", then he w...


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Font Awesome (Иконка корзины)
Добавляет иконочный шрифт и изменить значок корзины

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Form Logs
Logging the forms data submitted by customers


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Add-on
CS-Cart Frequently Asked Questions allows you to add FAQ's or Customer Questions and Answers section on the product page, category page and the general FAQ ...

Frontend Editor
Starting now you can edit categories, products and upload product images from frontend very simple.

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Full CKEditor
Данный модуль добавляет полную версию редактора CKEditor


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