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Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
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In this addon admin can receive RMA from customers via email.

admin can set his email for example s[email protected] and he can put any email based on their choice.

customer can send RMA from front end of website and an email will be sent to both customer and admin also.

while it will be very easy and perfect technique for RMA.

you can add RMA on your website anywhere as a block.

Sort vendors by amount of sold products
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Extension to Multi-Vendor allows sorting list of vendors in store by amount of products.

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CS-Cart add-on promotion for suppliers
Promotions For Suppliers
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This module allows to add discounts on products from certain suppliers

Avalara Avatax Integration
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This CS-Cart add-on provides integration with Avalara's tax calculation service Avatax to simplify your complex tax calculation scenarios. It supports tax calculation for checkout as well as returns, and supports both an Avatax sandbox environment (for testing) as well as live environment (for production).

Cache monitor
5.0 (5)

This add-on provides monitoring feature for cache invalidation procedures in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. It tracks both global cache invalidation processes and performance-impacting partial cache invalidation processes.

Promotion only for products of a specific category - subscription
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Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to give discounts on products in a particular category.

The addon is available in the following language versions: Polish, English, German, Greek, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

If you're looking to buy this add-on as one time purchase or take a look into add-on reviews, they are available here: One-time purchase add-on

See the full list of our subscription-based add-ons: Full list of subscription add-ons

Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount

WhatsApp Icon Button Advanced
5.0 (1)

WhatsApp Icon Button in your website

Improve User Engagement With Whatsapp - Contact  Us

Make it easy for your site visitors to contact you through their mobile phones with click-to-call, Whatsapp Message,  from anywhere on your website.

Whatsapp  which allows you to communicate with your customers easily. It is designed specifically for the CS Cart community.

Use our communication features and allow your users to contact you easily by Whatsapp, Phone and more. Responsive for PC Mobiles  Tablets

Advanced Features

  • Pick from 30 icon style
  • Custom padding for icon
  • multiple positions
  • Custom Default Message appearing for user on chat

Let customers fill their cart using CSV/XML files
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Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows quick filling cart using files in CSV and XML formats.

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Integration with Wildberries, Ozon
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Fast loading of goods on marketplaces

CS-Cart addon PWA
Progressive Web App
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This module allows to convert your store to mobile application with PWA technology