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[DS] Google Tag Manager
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Tracked events:
Product page view.
View the product category page.
View the cart page.
View the checkout page.
The user adds an item to the cart. (GA4 API)
The user removes an item from the cart. (GA4 API)
User adds payment information. (GA4 API)
The user adds shipping information. (GA4 API)
The user adds a product to their wishlist. (GA4 API)
The user has placed an order. (GA4 API)

The "add to cart" and "remove from cart" events are also sent to GA4 when an item quantity is added or subtracted from the cart.
Emails logging + unsubscribe link
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🔵Simplifies unsubscription.
🔵Tracks email statuses.
🔵Adds unsubscribe link.
🔵Notifies of errors.
Sabahna Order Export
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Simplify your order export process with our user-friendly Order Export Addon. Enjoy advanced filtering options to customize exports by date, status, customer, and more. Export in formats (CSV). Seamlessly integrate with your CS-Cart setup for a streamlined and scalable solution.
Product code generator
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30-days free trial
Product Code Generator addon allows automatically generating a product code when creating a product.
Sorting of products
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The addon automatically hides products without price, amount, or images, boosting conversion rates for your online store. It enhances your storefront's appeal and professionalism by displaying only fully sale-ready products to customers. Managers will appreciate reduced routine tasks and the ability to focus on critical responsibilities.
Интернет-эквайринг CDEK Pay — прием платежей на сайте, онлайн-касса бесплатно
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Интернет-эквайринг CDEK Pay — прием платежей на сайте, онлайн-касса бесплатно

CDEK Pay – это платежная система в структуре крупнейшего логистического оператора России CDEK Global. Мы являемся участником Национальной системы платежных карт и работаем со всеми бизнесами, предлагающими товары или услуги онлайн.
Simplifying checkout + Guest auto registration
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Orders from guests with a registered email.
Automatic registration of new customers.
Live search for mosuk theme
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The Live Search addon displays and sorts search results in real time as you type your search query.
Loyalty program
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Save 50%
The addon for creating a flexible and convenient loyalty program for your store.

SEO for blog
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