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Suggestive Live Search
With the Suggestive Search module you get search results while you type.

Direct Product Inquiry - Ask a Question
Displays a direct product enquiry form on the product details page.

GeoIP Currencies
GeoIP Currencies can automatically detect the country that your website visitor is viewing your site from, changes your store's currency and prices into...

Account Activation
In addition to the Administrator must activate new user accounts options it would be very useful to have the ability to require user email verification in...

PayPal Multi-Currency
This add-on for CS-Cart allows your customers to select which currency to pay for your products and adds the abilty to accept payments in multiple currenc...


1 review
Back in Stock
A great tool for catching up on the sales that you may have missed while the product was out of stock! This add-on has been developed to allow CS-Cart sto...

Country Name Shipping
Country Name Shipping add-on determines which country your customer is visiting from and displays the text Yes we can ship to "detected country name" and ...

Intelligent Random Products
This CS-Cart add-on provides you the possibility to display randomly selected products of your online shop all over your website in an intelligent way, th...

Price Match
Found a lower price? Tell us! CS-Cart Price Match add-on enables your customers to report lower price of similar products sold by different competitor...


1 review
Price Drop Alert
The Price Drop Alert add-on for CS-Cart allows you to retain customer's interest by allowing them to set-up a quick price drop alert when the price of t...