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CS-Press - WordPress style blog
With the CS-Press add-on you can easily create informative blog posts spicing them up with catchy images and other types of visual content, by adding Word...


1 review
SEO Optimization PRO
SEO Optimization PRO


1 review
Super Checkout
To make comfortable one step checkout


4 reviews
Custom H1 Tags
This module allows to add H1 tags different from names and titles for products, categories, brands, pages and blog posts


4 reviews
Hamburger Menu
Simplify navigation with a hamburger menu icon

$59.00 $29.00
CS-Cart Additional Option Images
The CS-Cart Additional Option Images add-on is the simple and easy-to-use solution to improve the appearance of the default options in CS-Cart. With the h...

Product available
Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to set up availabilities in products.

$60.00 $35.00
Vendor Social Media Profiles
Lets make the vendor page more fancy by displaying your vendor social media profiles.

5 reviews
Sticky Menu
Keep the menu always visible at the top while scrolling down the page.


2 reviews
Pay with Amazon Payment Gateway
Simplify the payment process with fast and easy Amazon Pay option


4 reviews
Provide your customers and vendors with internal messaging system.