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Block Animations
This module allows to add different CSS3 animation effects to blocks in your store


3 reviews
Vendor Ratings
Let customers rate their favourite vendors.


$39.00 $27.00
6 reviews
User Profile Page
Make a customer account more personal and usable.

$49.00 $40.00
Sweet Maps for CS-Cart
Create interactive product image maps. You can activate the Sweet map on any category and use images with product points on each product displayed in the i...


14 reviews
Full-Width Banner
Display impressive full-width banners.

Flying cart
Amazing module with fine tuning

3 reviews
TaxCalcs by TaxJar
Make sales tax calculation simple and accurate.


4 reviews
Product Likes
Do you know which of your products customers like the most? Let them show it! The add-on automatically counts the number of product likes and shows under t...


6 reviews
Follow Vendor
Let your customers get notifications about the vendor products.

I want cheaper
Let Your customers request a similar product, but cheaper.

$120.00 $90.00
Ajax Blocks – Load CS-Cart Blocks with Ajax
Ajax Blocks – Load CS-Cart Blocks with Ajax

$140.00 $100.00
Searchable - Smart Search Engine for your eshop
A trully smart search engine for your CS-Cart based store.