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Product designer is a must-have online design tool for a CS-Cart based e-commerce website selling clothes, bags, mugs, stickers, greeting cards, mouse pads and other products that can be personalized by a customer. This fully-featured product design tool allows customers to make their own design by choosing color, size, text, clipart, photo and buy the personalized product through a shopping cart.


  • Based on flash technology.
  • Four available modes:
    • t-shirt mode (T-shirt designer for all apparel types and garments);
    • sticker mode (Sticker designer for vinyl graphics, lettering and printing);
    • engraving mode (Engraving designer for engraving and printing businesses);
    • fixed objects mode (ideal for creating greeting and business cards, calendars, any items with fixed text or image position).
  • Administrator will be able to:
    • upload cliparts and create a category for them;
    • upload fonts and create a category for them;
    • create a palette of colors that will be used for text, cliparts and background color;
    • edit the design created by a customer on order details page.
  • On the product editing page Administrator will be able to:
    • choose one of the product modes: t-shirt, sticker, engraving or fixed objects;
    • set some specific product side images (front, back, etc.);
    • specify different product side images for option variants;
    • specify the drawing area (canvas) and dimensions for this area;
    • set up more than one canvas per a product side;
    • choose a predefined canvas shape or create you own canvas shape .swf;
    • set a cost per character or per line for the text fields;
    • set a cost per square centimeter or per size for a customer's photo;
    • set a cost per item for photos;
    • set up printing discounts on the design elements used;
    • set up the initial design for a product;
    • choose the color palette used for text, cliparts and background color;
    • set up the availability of the design tools (alignment, order, flip, arc, rotation and other tools);
    • switch themes for the decor of the Product designer.
  • Customers will be able to:
    • add/edit text, change text font, size and color;
    • add cliparts, change clipart size and color;
    • upload and use their own images;
    • generate QR code if allowed by administrator;
    • send a link and the image of the created design to friend;
    • save their designs (on the product page, in "My account" section, to PC) and edit the saved design;
    • edit the design after adding a product to the cart;
  • Also
    • administrator is able to generate .png and .pdf images for printing;
    • a printable image with resolution 300 dpi shouldn't be bigger than 800 mm*800 mm (31.5 inch*31.5 inch) because Flash Player has certain restrictions;
    • administrator is able to generate a printable image that includes both product side image and design elements, or only the design elements;
    • Product designer add-on is translated to English, Spanish, Greek, Russian and Slovak languages.

Read more about Product designer functionality in our knowledge base


This add-on is not compatible with iPhone and iPad. Also, Product designer add-on is not guaranteed to work properly on mobile devices.

This add-on works correctly in Internet Explorer 7/8/9, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera latest browser versions.

The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart Professional 2.2.x.

The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart Professional 3.0.1 - 3.0.6.

The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart Ultimate 4.0.x.

Notice! Product designer add-on is compatible with CS-Cart Ultimate and Multi-Vendor editions. But colors, fonts, cliparts and other general settings can be set up only by the root administrator (for Multi-Vendor) and are applied to all storefronts (for Ultimate).

Feel free to ask us any questions related to this product. We will be glad to help you.

Try Demo on our test server:

Storefront demo

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  • CS-Cart
  • 2.2.1
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  • 2.2.3
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  • 3.0.1
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  • 4.0.1
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  • 4.2.3
  • 4.2.4
  • 4.3.1
  • 4.3.2
  • 4.3.3
  • 4.3.4
  • 4.3.5
  • English
  • Русский
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PD is an excellent tool for customized products.
In fact Product designer was the only reason we opted for CS CART.

Alt-teams support and prompt response on updates is commendable.
We have loved their add-ons and would continue to work with them

Thank you

The product designer is a really great add-on we are working with it from day 1 that it got out. It only got better with more options that you don't see in other online designers. If you want a custom design or add more options alt-team is the company to realize this for you small or big project.

Buy this add-on has been an excellent investment. My clients often mention how easy is to use designer and it have made great impact to my sales. The support is very professional and fast.