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California Sales Tax Genius is a web application designed for online stores. It works the same way as UPS or Fedex provides shipping rates for online stores. Instead of getting REALTIME shipping cost, you get REALTIME sales tax rate for any physical location in California.

100% tax law compliance, providing protection against audit

California Sales Tax Genius overcomes the inaccuracy caused by using the zip code or city method to determine tax rates. Powered by US Geocoder, another proprietary product developed by Online Image, it geocodes the exact spot that your shipment is headed to−whether it's within a city, town, or unincorporated area−talks to the most recent Board of Equalization's Sales and Use Tax database, provides REAL TIME tax rate for your application. With this unmatched precision, it provides 100% tax compliance for California merchants. The system can be easily embedded into any Shopping Cart or online program. You supply street address and zip code, California Sales Tax Genius does the rest!

Exclusive 2 modules to calculate tax rates, offering pricing advantage for your customers

According to California State Board of Equalization Publication 105, entitled District Taxes and Delivered Sales, there are two options for collecting and paying sales and use taxes on sales of tangible goods in addition to the statewide tax: (1) Collect the taxes for the counties, city and special districts in which your business has a physical presence, or (2) collect taxes for all the counties and cities districts to which you ship goods.

California Sales Tax Genius offers Mandatory Collection Module and Total Collection Module for the above 2 options. It's the ONLY online service that offers 2 different options to calculate tax rates. All other service providers offer tax rates solely based on destination. If you don't need to collect district sales tax for orders shipped outside of your district, why waist time and money on it? Using our Mandatory Collection Module will not only save your time, money on accounting, administration and tax returns. but also allow you to have some pricing advantage over the sellers who live in high tax rate districts.

Free installation

For installation assistance, please feel free to call us at 408.368.5181 or send us a web request.

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