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The CS-Cart Tinybutton makes your site multilingual. Localize your store in 3 minutes without any additional help from IT.

Merchant Benefits

Tinybutton allows you to localize and grow your existing site without any additional development. Take your site International in 3 minutes.

Main Features

  • Over 42 Languages supported
  • Support for all major CMS’ and Custom Sites
  • Integrates with current security addons, modules and SSL for sites
  • Seamless integration with existing Landing Pages, Shopping Cart, Product Pages and Checkouts
  • Simple one-time Installation and Integration similar to Google Analytics
  • ZERO Technical knowledge required
  • Smart Code - Asynchronous Code that will never slow your site
  • Rule, Regex, Keyword based targeting for any segment of users existing and new
  • 24/7 Support and Office Hour Live Chat Available
  • Onboarding and Knowledge Centre

How it works

  • Register your Site on Tinybutton.com
  • Copy your secure, personalized code
  • Add it to your existing CS-Cart Store the same way you did with Google Analytics.
  • On our website page you can view video tutorials for the add-on

Need help?

This CS-Cart add-on is developed and published by Tinybutton, a CS-Cart developer.

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Почему не проверяете кто продает у вас модули?
http://www.tinybutton.com/ уже не работает.
Очень стремный продавец!