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Invoice/Packing Slip constructor

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Latest release date: December 29, 2015

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Tired from default inconvenient boring invoices? Need individual packing slip for each order but feel awkward about editing .tpl and .css files?

The Invoice/Packing Slip constructor add-on for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor can help you in this situation.

The add-on builds several key functionalities into your administration panel.

In the Design section you will see the additional Invoice/Packing Slip editor menu.


Here you can copy, clone and modify the documents for the whole store. Drag and drop blocks, delete table, modify tables, add colors and images as you want.

Moreover, the functionality of the gear button on order details page.


Here you can modify shipping documents for the particular order via the user-friendly visual editor without any difficulties.

General features:

  • ability to create several Invoice/Packing slip templates
  • ability to set content of blocks in gird for different languages
  • ability to use language variables in the content of the blocks using the following syntax: __(lang_var)
  • ability to set different invoice templates for usergroups
  • ability to use separate invoice templates for customers and administrators
  • ability to edit/save Invoice/Packing slip in visual editor before printing
  • ability to clone templates
  • ability to create and edit texts of invoices and packing slips
  • ability to arrange information blocks as you need
  • ability to use variables in the content of invoices and packing slips
  • ability to use various editing tools (text size, color, type, etc.)
  • ability to select pre-set variables from the list (order data, company data, customer information)
  • ability to select any field from custom profile fields as pre-set variables
  • FOR MULTI-VENDOR ONLY: ability to use different templates for vendors
  • FOR MULTI-VENDOR ONLY: ability to use different use default admin template for vendors
The video tutorial is here
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We have been using the Invoice/Packing slip editor for about 3 months now. It work just as described and found the support personnel easy to work with (polite and answers questions). It has saved us reams of paper. We were able to reduce most of the two page packing slips to one page packing slips. This has been one of the better add-on I have used. Package is easy to install. Nice video tutorial.

Great add-on and great support. Very easy to manage add-on. Thank you for quick response.

Great Product, easy to use and assistance is at hand if required. well done guys.