Advanced Products Import [Beta]



Currently you need to prepare a CSV file before importing it to CS-Cart. The column names must be correct, and the data in those columns must be formatted properly. If your suppliers send you the feeds regularly, you have to amend them regularly. That isn’t convenient.

The Advanced Products Import [Beta] add-on solves this problem. It allows you to match the columns in the imported file with product properties in CS-Cart and save those matchings as presets. After that you can easily load the right preset when you need to import a similar file.

The add-on also enables you to set the rules that modify values in specific columns. For example, if your supplier sends you a file with their prices, and you’d like to increase the price of all products by 10%, you simply add this rule as a part of the import preset. That way you won’t have to adjust the files themselves.


  • How do I use the add-on?

It’s a matter of 3 steps:

1. Download the add-on from the Marketplace.

2. Install the add-on as described in the documentation.

3. The add-on will be activated by default after you install it. To access the new functionality, go to AdministrationImport data and choose Products (advanced).

You’ll also be able to use the old import, if necessary. The Products (advanced) page doesn’t replace the original product import.

  • Why does the add-on has [Beta] in its name?

We usually tag add-ons as [Beta] when we add some important and highly requested functionality. For us, [Beta] means that:
1. We’d like to get feedback and see if the solution suits the needs of our customers.

2. We can change the functionality without waiting for the next minor release. For example, we can make changes in version 4.7.2 without waiting for 4.8.1.

3. The primary functionality has been implemented and tested. Some less significant features may not be there yet, but you can already use the solution.

  • Why should I install this add-on?

1. If you’d like to get a glimpse of the future of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, the add-on will let you do so. We plan to develop this add-on further and eventually include it into the distribution archive.

2. If you’d like to help us with development, you’ll be able to do so via your feedback. While the add-on is in beta, it’s high time to offer improvement suggestions. Once the add-on is released and third-party solutions start relying on it, it’ll be harder to make changes to the add-on.

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
Compatible versions:
  • 4.7.2
  • English
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- it is impossible to upload files above 2M even modifying the file;
- impossible to choose a different semicolon delimiter;
- impossible to save a different semicolon delimiter;
- can not load a file from url protected by user and password:

in conclusion...

Want's to XML structure work too. Because companies not use only .CSV structure. Best wishes.

Perfect idea and excellent engineering , Keep up good work guys.
Thank You all !