Age Verify Access Popup

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Confirm that the user is an adult,by using a popup

Age Verify Access Popup

For whatever reasons, you may need your site’s visitors to confirm their age before viewing the content of your site, CS-Cart Age Verify Access Popup does just that.

It’s a simple addon that lets you just ask a question and only if you get a positive answer, it enables access to store. 

So If you sell:
Intimate goods
Games for adults
Adult video
And other products, with an age restriction this is for you.

You can set the question text (html enabled), and the denial text too. Site during question is semi transparent, and if the answer is no then it gets black. Visitor will retake the question if he tries again after a NO.

You can set certain Categories and their products to have this enabled, while other Categories and their Products as Pages and Homepage won't show this. Or you can set it working site wide (Homepage, all Pages, Products and Categories).

It is Responsive, so it works also on all mobile devices too. And offcourse its multilanguage and multistore.

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