Automated Transfer from Bigcommerce to CS-Cart



Automated Transfer from Bigcommerce to CS-Cart provides the most convenient way to switch the shopping cart. It doesn’t require high level of technical skills and additional software to download. You will need to follow an intuitive Migration Wizard to setup Bigcommerce as a Source Cart and CS-Cart as a Target Cart. After selecting the entities you wish to migrate there is a possibility to start Demo Migration for free. Check the results on your new store and confirm Full Migration to CS-Cart.

Features of an automated migration: 100% uptime for Bigcommerce store. You will be able to manage your shop and users will be able to make purchases during migration. Step-by-step Wizard. An intuitive migration guide will be easy to handle by everyone from a newbie to a skilled programmer. Migration Insurance. You can get several remigration possibilities for a small additional investment. Technical Support. All technical issues concerning data migration can be solved by our Support Team.

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