Automated Transfer from Veyton to CS-Cart



Automated transfer from Veyton to CS-Cart has been developed to make data transfer possible for all e-merchants including even those who aren’t IT guru. It will assist with an accurate migration of products, customers and orders from Veyton to CS-Cart. Move all the information from the Source store directly to the Target one flawlessly!

Benefits of automated migration:

Easy. The process is fully automated and requires minimum skills. Migration Wizard will guide you through easy steps, and to successful move to CS-Cart store.

Free Demo migration. An option created for the convenience of those who doubt in proper future store function. You can migrate up to 10 entities for less than 30 minutes, and check how the CS-Cart shop will work.

Support. If there is a need of advice, the Support team will kindly help you in every question concerning data migration process.

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