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With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.

With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.


The CS-Press add-on adds WordPress style* blogging functionality to your CS-Cart store. Gives the possibility to keep your customers informed about the latest company events, offers, new products announcements, news, etc. in your industry, let them know whats going on. It’s a well-known fact that an active blog helps your ecommerce store by:

  • Allowing you to engage and educate your community, encouraging repeat customers
  • Enhancing your credibility as customers learn more about you, your personality and your company
  • Encouraging valuable customer feedback that can be incorporated in future marketing campaigns or product/service development
  • Capturing long-tail traffic, which improves your SEO

Done correctly a blog is a competitive advantage to your ecommerce business.
Blogging is also a crucial aspect of marketing. It plays an important role in SEO by placing keywords and anchor text all over your company's website. As a result, when users search for these terms, your business will have a higher chance of being displayed in search results on the front page.

The CS-Press blog add-on for CS-Cart allows your customers to utilise a variety of search functions and subscribe to email or RSS notifications. The commenting interface for blog posts ensure that the content on your site is relevant and informative.


  • Ability to present blog pages with different articles
  • Ability to divide posts into categories
  • Ability to add tags to articles
  • Ability to display the creation date of article, author, category, tags with nice Glyph icons
  • Author tag functionality, Google plus author links for SEO
  • Commenting system for blog posts
  • Ability to list latest articles with text links or short article list in a customizable block, anywhere on your site (multicolumns supported)
  • Thumbnails for blog listing page and and blog listing block
  • Ability to list blog categories
  • Ability to list blog archives
  • Advanced search in blog articles, Google style search (!), text between double quotes (") means search for the exact phrase
  • Ability to list articles by date (month view), by author, category, tag
  • Build-in RSS feed
  • Ability to subscribe and notify subscribers by email about new articles
  • Unsubscribe link in notification emails
  • Ability to import customers from CS-Cart store to subscribers list and manage this list
  • Separate section for blog categories in CS-Cart sitemap
  • Blog articles included in Google sitemap
  • SEO optimized categories and blog article pages
  • Customisable and SEO optimised blog listing page, Canonical URL for blog listing page, automatic meta tags, etc.
  • Opt-in subscription, can be enabled, disabled*
  • Sends notification email to store administrators and customer after each subscription*

What's opt-in subscription? A term that refers to promotional e-mails that have been requested by the individual receiving them. A new subscriber asks to be subscribed to the mailing list, but unlike unconfirmed opt-in, a confirmation email is sent to verify it was really them. Unlike spam promotional e-mails that get sent out to large lists of recipients without regard to whether or not they want the information, opt-in e-mails are only sent to people who specifically request them.

Used in conjuction with our Automatic Cross-Selling add-on, products can be assigned to articles and also these articles can be listed in a short list or text links under a block or tab on the linked product details page. Also used with our CDSEO add-on, the article ratings are inserted into Google Structured Data AKA Google Rich Snippets.
* CS-Cart 4.2.x versions

No core files editing.
Easy installation, 1 click installation compatible with CS-Cart v.4.1.x editions and upper editions!
Detailed installation instructions included!
* Implemented the most useful functions, listed under features list above!

Click here to see live!

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
Что вы цену пишите 1$ если реальная цена 45$ ? Нужно реальную цену писать не расстраивать клиентов.

WebGraphiq offers a wide

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WebGraphiq offers a wide range of ready to use CS-Cart mods, addons and professionally designed CS-Cart templates.

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