CS-Cart Live Chats Review

Engage Your Customers With Live Chat


What Are the Benefits of Live Chats Usage

If you are ready to spend some human resources to keep an online chat active on your web-store, then your store conversion rates will pay you back. The idea is simple - real time customer support makes it easier to convert a website visitor to customer as all questions are answered on the go.

General Live Chat Features

We reviewed 4 live chats published on CS-Cart Marketplace. Each of them has the following tools for provision of real time customer support:

  • Look and Feel Customization - customise the chat window and button to fit your website design.
  • Triggers and Chat Invitation - invite visitors to chat manually or automatically, or popup chat window when a visitor fulfills some condition (E.g. when a visitor stuck on the checkout page for a minute).
  • Canned Responses - save your time sending a prepared message to welcome a visitor or answer a frequently asked question.
  • Visitor Portrait - understand and serve your customers better with the help of information collected about the customer. You will know where they came from, what pages of your website visited. As well as other information like country, time zone, OS and web browser your visitors are using.
  • Conversations History - learn the details of the previous chat sessions of the visitor so they will not have to explain the same thing twice.
  • Leave Message - get messages and contact emails from the customers when you are offline to get in touch with them later.
  • Support of multiple websites - single account to support all your websites.
  • Supervising, Analytics, and Reports - control the performance of the consultants.

Each Live Chat on CS-Cart Marketplace Has Its Own Cool Features


Help On click

Web interface, desktop or mobile application allow you to chat from any device.

Virtual agent is the main feature that makes this chat different. It is an automated communication system that analyzes a human inquiry and provide an answer to the question from your website FAQs or its own knowledge base.

Facebook application which adds a chat button to your Facebook page is available. You will be able to chat with your fans from Facebook via the live chat admin panel.



Co-browsing function is what makes this chat stand out. Once the chat window is activated you will share client’s browser window, to monitor a visitor behaviour on your website. You will see exactly what your client is seing. You can easily highlight important items to draw your clients attention to them or push your client to a different page.

Unfortunately no web interface available, so you will have to install an application to your PC/Mac. But you can use your favorite jabber client for chat option only.


Live2Support Live Chat

Despite the outdated look of the admin panel this live chat is very feature-rich. It has almost every feature you can think of.

Web interface, desktop or mobile application allow you to chat from any device.

Co-Browsing feature during the chat session to to monitor a visitor behaviour on your website.

Call Back feature makes it possible for a site visitor to request a call back directly from the chat window.

Gtalk integration used for chat and voice calls.
v Sticky Notes, To-do List and Calendar will make it easy to manage routine tasks more effectively.


Zopim Live Chat

Simple but powerful. It has very user friendly and intuitive dashboard.

Web interface, iOS and android apps allow you to chat from any device.

Build in google translate allows to chat with any client over the globe.

Starting from April 2014 Zopim became Zendesk company so they are developing together. Now Zopim is integrated with Zendesk Help Desk software. We will have a good look at it in our next post dedicated to Help Desk software.

How to Integrate Your Favorite Online Chat in CS-Cart

It is not a problem if you failed to find your favorite live chat in the list. Usually a chat integration is just a piece of HTML code placed on all pages of your website. So you can add any chat to your website. Just follow the instructions:

  1. 1. Please contact your favorite online chat provider to get the HTML code.
  2. 2. Log in to the CS-Cart admin panel and go to Design > Layouts.
  3. 3. On the Default tab, click on Add block button.
  4. 4. In the Create New Block tab, select HTML block with Smarty content.
  5. 5. Fill in the Name in the General tab. On the Content tab paste the code, copied in Step 1. Then click on Create.
  6. 6. Clear cache and you are done. The chat widget will appear on your website.

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