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CartSpan eCommerce integration for QuickBooks, Sage 50, and FrontAccounting

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CartSpan eCommerce integration for QuickBooks, Sage 50, and FrontAccounting

CartSpan is an easy-to-use bi-directional interface for QuickBooks (US), Peachtree, Sage 50 (US), and FrontAccounting that will import orders from CS-Cart and update item prices and quantity-available in the cart. This frees you of the burden of re-keying order information into the accounting system and helps prevent the over-committing of inventory to Web customers. For complete detail, link to http://cartspan.com.

For QuickBooks users only: CartSpan requires the use of QODBC by FlexQuarters; another third-party add-on that supports read-only direct access to the QuickBooks database. This will raise your total cost by a nominal amount. If you are using the Enterprise version of QuickBooks, QODBC is already included at no additional charge.

Our 10 day trial includes installation and configuration assistance; you pay nothing until you see orders importing into the accounting system to your satisfaction. There are no limitations with respect to the number of orders or
supporting transactions you can import during the trial.

Check out our support for some of the most challenging aspects of achieving an effective integration that reduces (or completely eliminates) post-import adjustments:

Order Import – Key Points of Integration

Import as Order or Invoice - CartSpan supports import as either an Invoice or an Order. The CS-Cart order number flows directly to the order or invoice number in QuickBooks, Sage 50, or FrontAccounting. To ensure that the order series does not conflict with the legacy order number series, CartSpan supports the (optional) application of an alphanumeric modifier.

Customer ID Handling - With Customer ID management arguably the most problematic aspect of integration, CartSpan offers multiple options for creating the new Customer ID in accounting. When the new customer master is created, you may:

1) Use the CS-Cart assigned Customer ID.

2) Craft the ID from available Bill-To or Ship-To details using a configurable rule.

3) Manually cross-reference the CS-Cart ID to legacy Customer ID that will be memorized.

QuickBooks Users Only: CartSpan is the only integration product on the market that can completely 'regenerate' your existing Customer Names in QuickBooks to support rule-based ID creation for future imports from your CS-Cart system. This is often a 'make or break' circumstance if your existing Customer IDs follow non-standard or inconsistent naming conventions.

Cash Receipts - If you are importing as an Invoice, you can optionally import a cash receipt, essentially closing out the receivables transaction. The cash receipt is triggered by configurable order status codes. The cash account to which the receipt is applied is configurable based upon the payment method.

PayPal/Bank Transaction Fees - For any payment method that applies a consistent transaction fee, CartSpan can calculate this value and apply it to the payment as a discount. This is accomplished via a configurable formula for each payment method affected. This adjustment is typically applied manually during the reconciliation process; long after the order has been imported. CartSpan saves you significant amounts of time by removing this task entirely.

Customer Prepayments - If you are importing a web order (paid by credit card) into accounting as an order, CartSpan can properly apply a credit on the order itself and also create a transaction that debits cash. The cash account to which the payment is applied is configurable based upon the payment method.

Tax Handling - CartSpan allows you to direct taxes to specific codes based upon City, State, or Zip Code. What’s more, CartSpan will detect and allocate taxes to any configured sub-authorities that may be configured for the referenced tax-code.

Many-to-One Item Mapping - CartSpan is the only integration that allows you to create one (or more) 'phantom' items in the shopping cart that can be mapped to a single (real) Item in the accounting system. Moreover, these cart-level phantom items can represent multiple quantities and pack-based pricing for the item mapped in the accounting system. CartSpan manages all price/quantity conversions during the import/export process.

Bundled/Kitted Item Support - (QuickBooks & FrontAccounting only) CartSpan leverages the 'Grouped' and 'Kitted' item functionality in these accounting systems to extend the capabilities of CS-Cart .Kitted products allow you to represent multiple ‘child’ items in the cart via a single SKU. CartSpan will then breakout the associated child items during the import and properly allocate any discounted offering price. This functionality offered within the integration itself requires no additional add-ons for CS-Cart.

For a more complete explanation of this functionality see the following blog post:


Auto Creation of Items - If your business process is such that you choose not to create items in your accounting system until they are sold on the Website, CartSpan can be configured to auto-create the item at the time of order import. The new item is created using the description and the price of the ordered item.

Discounts and Coupon Handling - CartSpan will create individual line items for any coupons or discounts that are applied to the order along with reference to the individual coupon or promotional codes.

Shipment Manager Support - For QuickBooks customers, CartSpan offers special formatting of the ShipTo address so that you don't have to make any adjustments to support import into QuickBooks' Shipment Manager.
Additionally, the order weight is conspicuously imported into the beginning of the Memo field so that all you have to do is 'Cut and Paste' it into the corresponding FedEx Shipment Manager field. This saves you loads of time in
manually calculating total weight of the individual line-items.

Automation - CartSpan can run manually or be configured to import new orders at a pre-determined user-defined frequency.

Email Alerts (administrative and operational) - CartSpan can be configured to send email alerts to a system administrator when there are exceptions encountered during the integration. For instance, CartSpan can send
notification for when new items are created in accounting.

Pick-List Generation - If your organization deals with external fulfillment services, you can configure CartSpan to send a comprehensive pick-list to one (or more) email addresses. Or, you could simply choose to send the email to an internal resource. The CartSpan generated pick-list has full shipping information as well as any customer comments relating to fulfillment. If you arrange your warehouse by 'Item Name', CartSpan imports line
items in sorted order to facilitate the picking/packing process.

Item Price/Quantity Update – Key Points of Integration

Stock Quantity Update – Near real-time updates of stock quantity-available in response to receiving, invoicing, and adjustment activity in the accounting system. This is important to note that quantity 'available' refers to the amount you have available to sell after accounting for open sales orders in the accounting system.

Minimum Stock Configuration - If you are oversold in the accounting system, CartSpan allows you to artificially indicate a minimum quantity available in the cart.

Item Price Updates: Standard Pricing - CartSpan allows you to maintain ‘standard’ pricing in the accounting system; no need to remember updates between two systems.

Price Markup or Markdown Tools - If you elect to offer more competitive pricing on your website, relative to your ‘bricks and mortar’ operation, CartSpan allows you to configure global or item-specific markdown (or markup) percentages.

Price Rounding - We all know that multiplying existing prices by a given percentage often results in an odd looking value. CartSpan employs rounding rules to bring your price to the nearest ‘0.05’ or ‘0.09’ value; giving you pricing consistency across your site.

How we are different:

We’ve built our own API - The CartSpan integration utilizes internally developed scripts to retrieve order information. This gives us a significant amount of latitude in designing for an ‘operations-centric’ integration. And
because we enjoy full-control over the integration, we don’t have to wait for features to be added to the next release…we can adjust at our own pace.

Not an order-management tool - Unlike competitive systems, CartSpan does not function as an intermediate order management tool…this is what you pay good money for your QuickBooks, Sage 50, or FrontAccounting (free) to do. Competitive systems require you to step through a cumbersome process of applying status to each order before it can be imported into accounting. QuickBooks and Sage 50 have built-in tools for shipping
integration, the original impetus for the ‘order management’ product architecture of competitive systems. With shipping integration now supported by the accounting system, the order-management approach becomes redundant, time-consuming, and simply non-value-added. CartSpan is so ‘hands-off’, just set your desired configurations and watch your orders appear in your accounting system.

Fewer post-import adjustments – CartSpan is packed full of configurable options that allow you to control what gets imported and how it is formatted. The result is a highly nuanced integration with a goal of you not having to
‘touch’ the order after it is imported.

We hold your hand – There is a reason that our reviews are stellar; we employ a pragmatic delivery process that ensures your success. After we discuss your project and agree that CartSpan will satisfy your business requirements, we provide a ‘paint-by-numbers’ pre-configuration checklist for integration with your chosen accounting system. When this list has been completed, you are only about 1-2 hours away from seeing your CS-Cart orders importing into accounting. If you are a developer, please see our ‘Note to Developers’ page at http://www.cartspan.com/note-to-developers/

The absolute best value on the market – Sure, cost is not the most important factor, but it is certainly on everyone’s minds these days. Consider that CartSpan is approx. 40% less expensive initially and approx. 80% less expensive annually than its nearest competitor. Our licensing mechanisms are less intrusive with annual renewals and we don’t bill your credit card monthly.

Data Security

--- All credentials used to access the shopping cart are securely encrypted

--- To support PCI compliance, CartSpan does not transmit or receive any credit card or sensitive financial information to/from the shopping cart.

System Performance

Order Download/Import: CartSpan has been stress-tested for high-volume import operations. In one contiguous session, CartSpan has been observed to contiguously import 1,000+ orders in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. This includes the automatic creation of new customer orders, followed by Invoices and their subsequent
receipts for paid transactions.

Item Price/Quantity Upload: CartSpan has been stress-tested against an implementation of another well-established open-source cart utilizing the mySQL/xNIX platform. Over 10,000 items have been successfully exported from the accounting system and uploaded to the cart via a single call to the supporting PHP script.

  • CS-Cart
Compatible versions
  • 4.1.5
  • 4.0.3
  • 3.0.6
  • 2.2.1
  • English

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