CS-Cart FAQ addon

This cs-cart add-ons allows you to create and manage a special FAQ page, product FAQ, blocks with FAQ.

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This cs-cart add-ons allows you to create and manage a special FAQ page, product FAQ, blocks with FAQ.

CS-Cart FAQ addon
CS-Cart FAQ addon

This CS-Cart add-ons allows you to create and manage a special FAQ page, product FAQ, blocks with FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). According to many surveys FAQ on products, general FAQ improve customer confidence and increase the chance of sell.

CS-Cart FAQ addon

Merchant & Customer Benefits

Why it is important to use FAQ?

Because with this little CS-Cart extension to your cart your store will look “alive” and will have social look that many customers enjoy. Well the great thing about FAQ addon by CartTuning is that it can be used in three areas of your website in different forms. You can use it as separate tabs on detailed product pages, as blocks on different parts and pages of the site, and as a separate FAQ page. So it gives an opportunity to answer on the most frequently asked questions, because the client might have a question that someone else already asked and got an answer.

Moreover it helps you to pay attention at several important points at once and get more opportunities for seo-optimization. All this is undoubtedly important things that will improve your site and make it better. Why? The answer is simple. When someone is looking for the answers he do it right in your site. It is convenient and if someone won’t be able to find needed information you may lose a potential client.

FAQ addon comes in 8 wonderful themes that can be customized according to the design of your website. Plus you can use different themes for various pages of your site. The addons interface is intuitive and easy so using it is extremely comfortable. Besides you can integrate the addon on any page via block system.

CS-Cart FAQ by CartTuning

CS-Cart FAQ - New themes

Main Features

  • New! 8 awesome faq themes
  • New! FAQ mass adding and linking it to the products
  • FAQ is controlled by the site administrator
  • Userfriendly FAQ management in admin area
  • Supports FAQ categories
  • Supports multiple language
  • Supports accordion view
  • FAQ will be displayed on new tab in product detail page
  • Available to use on separate FAQ page
  • Available to use on different pages via block manager
  • Answers can be managed with wysiwyg html editor
  • Possibility to sort questions by categories
  • Defines sort order and status for each category
  • Defines sort order and status for each question
  • Option to select theme for FAQ page, product page
  • Option to select theme in block manager
  • Supports different themes in several blocks
  • Supports multi instances on the same page
  • Unlimited number of questions to add
  • Doesn't affect CS-Cart core files

How it works

  • Upload add-on files from the archive to the server
  • Install the add-on in the add-ons section
  • Configure the add-on
  • On our website page you can view video tutorials for the add-on

Need help?

This CS-Cart add-on is developed and published by CartTuning, CS-Cart developer.

You are guaranteed to buy a quality add-on and to get fast and efficient tech support in case you need it via our help desk system.

  • Store Builder
  • Multi-Vendor
Compatible versions
  • 4.2.4
  • 4.1.5
  • 4.0.3
  • 3.0.6
  • 2.2.1
  • English
Great Add-on and fantastic support!! I had a query requiring backend support and I was assisted promptly with the upmost helpfulness.

I highly recommend this add-on.
I have nothing at all negative to say about my experience with Alex at Cart Tuning with this addon. I got such great attention from Alex in regards to some of the things that I did not quite understand. I really like this addon and the service rendered by Carttuning. Will recommend!
I recently upgraded FAQ addon to a latest version for v.4.3 and it works just great as before. This addon makes my FAQs super organized, especially I like the feature with categorizing fields where you can list all FAQs as a separate fields for sales and customer service on the same page. A+
Great response, Great support - it is really worthy - Much more than I expected. Will do business again. Thanks Jake.
Love this FAQ'S module! Its exactly what I needed! I also love the amazing support that came with it when I was unable to make it work. I will definitely keep this store in mind when adding mods in the future. Thanks for going out of your way! I appreciate it!
Exactly what I needed - I tried building one myself with HTML coding, but it was so tedious and didn't look good at all. Certainly recommend this add-on. It's worth the few bucks if you're serious about your site.

CartTuning is reliable partner that offers an extensive selection of cs-cart addons and templates with a wide range of services.

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Phone +1 646-373-2444

CartTuning is reliable partner that offers an extensive selection of cs-cart addons and templates with a wide range of services.

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