Library - jQuery Mask Phone & Zip Code Formatting

This CS-Cart addon provides the jQuery Mask plugin and enables phone/zipcode masking for customers, companies, and orders.

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Phone/Zip Formatting for CS-Cart
Library - jQuery Mask Phone & Zip Code Formatting

This CS-Cart addon is designed to enforce specific formatting on various input fields. This is essential for any sales, support, or order team struggling with poorly formatted numerical data. The goal is to make entered data like phone, fax, or zip code more consistent in a way that is seamless to admins and customers. By using the jQuery Mask plugin, we are able to auto-format certain CS-Cart fields as a user types, resulting in cleaner input.

For example, lets say users are required to enter their phone number on checkout areas of the store. The phone number they enter is "8885554444", which is hard to read. This is where this CS-Cart phone/zipcode mask addon steps in. As the user types, jQuery Mask begins to format the phone number in a prettier way, using a custom format of your choosing. In this example, lets say our custom mask format is (000) 000-0000. This means that the resulting phone number would correct itself to "(888) 555-4444".

For maximum stability, this CS-Cart addon does not change existing data stored in database until required. Things like customer records and storefronts will retain their formats until the next time the record is saved. Without saving, records will still mask data for user readability.

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  • Phone, fax, and zip code masking for customers and companies.
  • Custom mask formats allow admins to tailor these fields
  • Uses free Cloudflare CDN for jQuery Mask library hosting.
  • More masks may be available for other addons/themes, please contact us.
  • Multistore compatible. Works with all addons.
  • No license code (subject to change).


General settings are available in the CS-Cart admin addons area. These may be changed on a per-storefront basis by using the "Store chooser" in admin header.


Demo Storefront -

Demo Admin -

* Please note, our demos may be periodically reset or unavailable. No orders, contact, or otherwise logistical interactions will be processed. Demo admin may be limited or unavailable in certain circumstances. If you require an extended demo or more admin permissions, please contact us at [email protected].

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