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Power Pop-up Notification
Power Pop-up Notification

Latest release date: March 18, 2016

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The Power Pop-up Notification add-on is a solution for administrators to inform customers about news, offers, promotions, or policies to be accepted. All the actions are getting automated. For example, if you want to announce a promotion for a certain product you need only to create a pop-up on the special page Website > Popup notifications, select this product from the list and check several additional settings such as location, size, delay, pop-up type. To notify customers about store policy you can create pop-up with page content and ACCEPT button. Also, you can create the age verification pop-up. There are the examples:

General Features:

  • ability to choose pop-up content type (HTML content, page, product);
  • ability to add product details by selecting it from the list, without any HTML editing;
  • ability to create notifications with terms and conditions (that should be accepted)
  • ability to choose pop-up type: pop-up with any HTML content, terms and conditions, age verification, newsletter subscription form;
  • ability to verify customers birthday;
  • ability to set title of pop-up window and configure pop-up content manually;
  • ability to set height and width of pop-up window (auto size available);
  • ability to set pop-up show delay;
  • ability to make pop-up non-closable;
  • ability to set TTL (time to live - time interval before customer will see the pop-up again);
  • ability to choose location for pop-up notification: all, none, products, categories, pages, home page, product search, cart, checkout, order page or custom location (you need to specify URL);
  • ability to assign pop-up to certain products or categories only;
  • ability to show popup notification to certain user groups only;
  • ability to manage notifications by storefronts and vendors;
  • ability to place notifications on the blog pages and blog articles (!new)

Here is the video tutorial

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor PLUS
Compatible versions
  • 4.9.3
  • 4.9.2
  • 4.9.1
  • 4.8.2
  • 4.8.1
  • 4.7.4
  • 4.6.3
  • 4.5.2
  • 4.4.3
  • 4.3.10
  • English
  • Русский


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Recently purchased add-on pop-up notification.
Was a little problem to set it up (our specific server configuration). Support quickly resolved this problem.
Add-on quality and functionality is very good. We are 99% satisfied.
A lot of different settings and possibilities how to tune it under your needs.