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Being a CS-Cart oriented company we offer CS-Cart software, add-ons as well as custom development service of high quality. Our skilled programmers are ready to implement projects of any complexity finding the best solution for your e-business.

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Хочу поблагодарить ребят из CS-coding. Сделали мне модуль регистрации клиентов по номеру сотового телефона. А так же интегрировали с модулем отправки SMS. И еще добавили все это в тему Unitheme. Выполнили больше, чем изначально планировали , да и до сих пор помогают. Дорого, но качественно. Спасибо!!! Всем рекомендую!!!

Купил модуль автопостов в инстаграмм. Был вопрос, ответили оперативно. Все отлично заработало. Минусов не нашел, всё как в описании. Хорошая работа.

Заказывал пару аддонов у ребят из CS-Coding, быстро и качественно работают, приятные цены, всегда на связи!! Дополнение к сайту сделали даже лучше чем я ожидал, за что им огромное спасибо!)
Планирую дальнейшее сотрудничество, так как они мастера в своем деле!

Отличное выполнение задач в быстрые сроки за приемлемую цену. Починили моменты, которые делали предыдущие разработчики и которые отвалились после обновления.

Я долго искала программистов, которые могли бы причесать мой сайт и сделать необходимые доработки. Кто-то не мог освоить CMS, а ктото загибал цены в несколько тысяч долларов. Я связалась с компанией CS-Coding и эти спецы разгребли кучу г**на оставленную прошлыми неумехами, поставили сайт на ноги и занялись продвижением. Гора с плечь! Спасибо большое, будем продолжать сотрудничать!

2 things
I found what I need
The most quick response I ever got from any companies.
They are amazing and know how to do things so I will back to them again.

I'm very grateful with CS-Coding service. Prompt response, quickly found a solution for my difficult issue. Good luck!

Many thanks to CS-Coding team for the prompt and high-quality work on the project!

The work was completed ahead of time and considered all the wishes.

I guess, here should also be a review from CS-Cart, because of coordinated work of the CS-Coding team, fast solution of our issues and fair price\terms we are still on CMS CS-Cart.

Currently we are preparing reference for several other improvements.

Hopefully the guys will be all right in the future. I wish you success and prosperity!

I recommend CS-Coding as a reliable development partner to CS-Cart!

I have been working with this company for about a month now, and they have completed 3 projects for us with proficiency.
They understood what we require and got to the point right away.
The programmers, developers, and support lines are very well organized and professional.
I highly recommend them from custom addons as they will deliver with satisfaction.

We are continuing with them and already scheduled a task list plan for more custom addons we will require from them in the near future.

He is an excellent specialist, done a really great job and understood the most difficult parts of my project, and had them all done in time, although I thought that's impossible. Works for a reasonable price and always delivers projects in time. I highly recommend him.

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Social Networks Autopost
CS-Cart Module " Social Networks Autopost " allows you to push product news to several social networks automatically. You will not spend a lot of time to pr...

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Quick Search
The add-on will allow for the relevant search by the store. Implemented highly optimized search algorithm that allows you to display results after typing ea...

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Fractional Stock
CS-Cart Module Fractional Stock allows you to sell products using float stock. It is usable for such products as cloth (meters), vegetables (kilos), gold ...

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Lazy Load for Images
СS-Cart Module "Lazy Load for Images" allows you to delay loading for hidden or overflow images. It significantly increases page load speed and interactio...

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Reward points burn out
The CS-Cart "Reward Points Burn Out" Module motivates users to use their reward points in defined terms and make purchases, so increasing sales.

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Authorize by phone
CS-Cart "Phone Authorization" module makes phone the main login field for the authorization. The e-mail field will not be used for registration as login, au...

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SMS/Push Notifications
CS-Cart Module " Push Notifications " allows You to instantly notify customers and admins about changes using Push Notifications to browser or SMS.