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CS-Commerce Software Solutions является официальным партнером Cs-cart в Беларуси. Мы предоставляем услуги разработки модулей, расширения функционала, а так же Вашему вниманию представляем готовые решения модулей на нашем сайте cs-commerce.com. Если у Вас будут вопросы, пожалуйста. заходите на наш сайт cs-commerce.com и пишите нам. Мы всегда рады ответить!

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I highly recommend them because of the fantastic service after purchase. I asked them about few improvements and they implemented them all very quickly.

I would like to give the maximum of complements to CS Commerce developers! I have had a problem with functionality of one of the addons- i have asked for help and not only I got it in super fast time, but also on the way there was a mistake found and it was fixed. Amazing work!

I would like to confirm that Live search addon and price calculation addon, are very nice ! CS-Commerce helps me to configure this two addons for my shop. CS-commerce is very efficient an still available ! Thank you very much !! You can trust him. Bybye