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CS-Cart Rocks is a young and passionate ecommerce team providing the best CS-Cart templates, CS-Cart addons and CS-Cart customization service. We love our jobs and clients.

The client's needs are our top priority and we will make sure the customer service our clients received is the best in the market. If you have any question about us, please feel free to contact us at

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I have used these guys for a couple of modifications to my existing CS-Cart installation and have been extremely happy with the results.

Specific changes to core functionality without breaking the bank is rare to find so I am more than happy to recommend these guys.

I will be back if the need arises! Thanks again

We had previously purchased several of cscartrocks off the shelf addons and always found them to be excellent value with brilliant support from cscartrocks. They've also helped us out on the cs-cart forums. So when we wanted the ability to add a 2nd category description below the products, we went to cscartrocks. They provided excellent value for money and truly top notch customer service. They're super quick to respond and always helpful. We recommend them very, very highly and will no doubt be using them again in future.

After searching for a while to find someone to write us a simple add-on to make our invoicing and quoting easier, Louis was the quickest to get back with me and offered to provide the add-on in the shortest amount of time following what we felt was a reasonable fee. As promised, the add-on was delivered quickly and worked perfectly.

A few months went by and a CS-Cart update broke our add-on, surprisingly. Within a day of contacting their support team, they had the issue resolved.

Thank you very much, and we'll be doing business again!

Cscartrocks have been doing development for my website for around a year now. The job has been HUGE. They've totally upgraded my website from 2.2.4 to version 4 plus they have done a custom responsive layout for it. Not to mention applying the countless unique business rules our site needs to run (certain products can't ship to certain countries and so on.)

To give you some perspective, our ecommerce website is the ONLY way we make a living. We are in it "boots and all" so I take the development of our site incredibly seriously. If its down, and cannot function, my bills dont get paid. It's that simple.

So what this means, is that Im a perfectionist when it comes to our website, I expect the work to be of the highest standard. I can sincerely say to you all, that Louis and CScartrocks have been the best developers i have worked with to date. Their work ethic is at the same high standard I expect of myself. Their communication is flawless. And one of my favourite things about them is that they are flexible and open to changes. In the cycle of our development (which is still ongoing) I've sometimes changed my mind and asked for something to be restored to what it previously was. Louis has always patiently changed it back with no complaint.

Lastly, as a former (if rusty) web designer myself, I believe that do the best design/css development out of anyone out there. Not to bad mouth any competition, but some of the third-party dev teams are more php/programming oriented, and in one case with another developer I worked with some years ago on Cs Cart, they had to subcontract my work out again for some css code.

CScartrocks have proven to me that they can handle all facets of the coding from the frontend; css, js and html, through to backend; complex database queries, php coding and smarty template work.

If you would like to check out our site; - try resizing your browser and you'll see the layout for desktop, tablet and mobile. Its all completely custom and done by CS cartrocks.

The best developer we have ever worked with. They managed to deliver everything we asked for, and we did asked for lots of custom mods.

They even gave us advice on some issues we had on our site, free of charge.

Their name really says it all. They truly rock.

Often are you looking for a company from dozens.
I have found the man and the company.
Not always that money is paramount, but customer service is paramount.
Strong team what exactly does what you are asking.
I can recommend you this company.

Without a doubt, one of the best CS-Cart Add-on and Custom Developers! Their product offerings are great but their greatest work is their outstanding customer service and support, constant communication, and affordable pricing!

Since I got started with CS-Cart Multivendor I was wanting the vendor page to show products rather than the category list. So when I ran across this add on I was pretty happy. I purchased it and they were able to get it installed for free very quickly. Very happy.

Amazing, really rocks.

ordered a custom development to make some changes on my site,
Everything are correct, in les than 7 days, addon modification is done and working.

Is Trustable developer