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Darwin Pricing
Dynamic Geo-Pricing Solution

Price for profit and grow your online business with the next-generation dynamic pricing solution

What is Geo-Pricing?

  • Darwin Pricing identifies cities and regions where your eCommerce is performing poorly. Either because of local competitors, or due to a lower average income in these locations.
  • Darwin Pricing offers e-coupons targeted specifically at these regions and measures the impact of different coupons on conversions, revenue and profits in each location.
  • Darwin Pricing activates in real-time the optimal offer in every city and generates the highest profits with its fully-automated geo-pricing engine.


Our proven strategies are ensuring the success of over 50,000 online shops:

  • Conversion Optimization: +50% more orders with professional Exit Intent coupon boxes, optimized for tablets and smartphones.
  • Sales Growth: +40% more revenue with discounts targeted at weak regions, while you keep high margins in your main market areas.
  • Profit Growth: +30% more profits with a highly efficient campaign optimization, based on real-time data analysis with artificial neuronal networks.

Exit Intent Technology

About 95% of your visitors leave your site without buying. Our Exit Intent technology uses refined behavior analysis techniques to trigger a coupon box with an appealing offer to retain them in the moment they were about to leave!

  • Darwin Pricing analyses mouse movements and triggers a popup when visitors are about to close the tab or the window.
  • Darwin Pricing analyses the scrolling behavior and triggers a popup when visitors with touch devices are about to navigate away.
  • Darwin Pricing analyses the browsing behavior and triggers a popup when visitors are hesitating or comparing prices with other online shops.

Geo-Pricing Engine

  • Visitors are being geolocated based on their IP address. They never have to accept cookies nor to accept sharing their geolocation data.
  • Darwin Pricing is an industry leader in IP geolocation accuracy and can rely worldwide on the IP intelligence services provided by MaxMind.
  • Darwin Pricing uses the most advanced machine learning technologies, with SVM and UCB1-Tuned algorithms to adapt faster and drive more profits.
  • Darwin Pricing's rock-solid IT infrastructure is highly reliable and scalable with servers hosted in the Amazon Cloud and operated by RedHat OpenShift.

Performance-Based Pricing

  • Test our dynamic geo-pricing solution at no risk with a free 30-day trial
  • Measure your sales improvement scientifically with a built-in split test
  • 150% ROI Guaranteed: Pay less than 40% of the generated profit!

Professional Services

  • Professional customization of your coupon box to match your corporate design and reach the highest conversion rates.
  • Technical support and trainings for a full integration into your eCommerce environment and your e-mail-marketing campaigns.
  • ROI Reporting and analysis of growth opportunities to optimize your pay-per-click advertizing campaigns and expand internationally.


You would like to improve the profitability of your business with our dynamic geo-pricing solution? We're looking forward to your enquiry!

Contact us at [email protected] to schedule a call and request a free demo!


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