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Deal of the day


Поставка в электронном виде.

The best marketing tool for e-commerce. Is completely automated mod that will make offers to your customers and inform them by email about the daily deals.


This CS-Cart addon allows to publish daily deals in your shop completely automated. When a product is identified as the current date, it will have a new price that it offers, will appear in the Deal of the day block. It will display the product that is discounted today (for the selected period) with it's thumbnail image, name, regular price and discounted price in a standard CS-Cart design. After clicking on either the image or name the customer will be redirected to the product details page. The Deal of the day block also displays a clock that will count down the days and time that is left for the promotion, a 24 hours clock and would go from 24.00 to 0.00.


  • The add-on will display all products discounted by the "Deal of the day" promotion condition in the mentioned block.
  • The products can be assigned to a date or date range.
  • The block is designed so that whatever deal is active that day will be displayed in the box. If multiple deals are set up for that date, them all will be displayed. The number of products in one promotion is not limited.
  • The block can be added where you want (side columns or central column) 4 built in layouts, see Images
  • The clock will countdown in reference to server settings

Easy installation, 1 click installation compatible with CS-Cart v.4.1.x editions!
Detailed installation instructions included!

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor


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