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Moskovskaja oblast' Russian Federation
September 2014
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Russian Federation, Moskovskaja oblast'

About the system.

Electronic payment system "Delta Key" works since 2005, giving its users a variety of tools for the professional business on the Internet.

Available for our customers services such as "merchant", which allows to make the payment in electronic stores for goods sold and services provided, the service "payment claims" that allows you to set the payer deferred account to pay to the store, "multicurrency cash" allows you to receive the maximum possible number of e-currencies through a single interface, and many other services and tools.

For owners of online stores, we provide not only the possibility of receiving payments in their address, but also the possibility of rapid withdrawal of funds received as a non-cash, and cash, including the use of the ATM system.

It should be noted that the payment system "Delta Key" is the only one of all the existing systems of electronic money that has its own ATMs for cash withdrawal output from electronic purses.

Our CUSTOM available:

- Unlimited number of e-invoicing

- Full accounting of all transactions

- Roles and rights of employees

- Instant and persistent execution of payment orders

- Low rates for transfers within the system

- Avtovyplaty and templates on schedule

- High level of safety and reliability

- Different ways of connecting to the payment system

and much, much more.

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