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We are a leader of technology and innovation in the field of international fulfillment and express shipping: tens of thousands of shoppers have used our services over the past several years to make purchases from online stores in the United States. Today, you have the opportunity to utilize our infrastructure, technology, and audience to enter the new e-commerce markets with no extra costs.
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PoppedWeb helps people start up, support and develop their online business. We have officially started our company in August 2014, but most of our developers have been working in the field of e-commerce development for more than 7 years. Here at PoppedWeb we still practise and teach others the best standards of coding so that we can keep up with the current technology and latest standards. For the realization of our projects we use PHP, JavaScript, Smarty, jQuery, CSS, Python, Lua, Flex, Ajax, HTML5 and other programming languages and technologies. Affordable projects have been always been our central focus since we started. Our team can easily create the unique design and integrate it into your site, develop new features which are not included in a standard CS-Cart version. In short, we can do anything to make the shopping experience of your customers better and make your life as an admin easier. Еще
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Pir Company
Компания «Провайдер Интерактивных Решений» на рынке SMS-услуг существует с 2017 г., оказывая качественный сервис своим клиентам по средствам личного кабинета, либо по протоколам для интеграций с платформами и базами данных заказчика. Наша Компания обеспечивает покрытие более 810 сетей в 220 странах мира. Компания «Провайдер Интерактивных Решений» предлагает воспользоваться возможностями SMS-рассылок для быстрого общения с Вашими клиентами. В основе предоставляемых услуг лежат следующие сервисы: отправка SMS прием сообщений на короткие и федеральные номера мобильная коммерция (прием денежных средств с вознаграждением до 90%) мобильная реклама (рассылка по базам мобильных операторов с возможностью выбора определенных критериев: пол, возраст, сумма платежа, Geo (Мегафон радиус до 300 м. диаметра от точки) WhatsApp – рассылка Viber - рассылка Еще
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Peoplevox Warehouse Systems for eCommerce
PeopleVox provide a powerful warehouse management system for efulfilment. Get complete inventory control using barcode scanning.
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Peak Digital K.K.
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Paysera, JSC
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PayPal, Inc
PayPal Marketing Solutions - a suite of marketing solutions to help businesses increase sales through greater visibility into the marketing funnel and actionable promotional messages at every step in the customer journey.
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Paymentwall is an all-in-one" global payment platform for processing online payments in 200 countries, with 120 payment options. Sign up today: www.paymentwall.com You can also find instructions of our integration with Xenforo here: https://www.paymentwall.com/en/documentation/XenForo/1515
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Paykassa cryptocurrency gateway
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