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WebCastle Media Pvt LTD
It was in 2008 webCastle Media was founded. Since then we have accumulated exceptional talents to maintain a steady workflow and we have grown to the name of perfect Web designing company in Kerala. Over the years we have developed a good client base with an impressive satisfaction rate. Castler’s never compromise on quality, creativity and timely delivery of the projects.
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WEBBANKIR — сервис для ваших клиентов, дающий возможность оплатить покупку частично или полностью, за счет заемных средств от Вэббанкир, подходит для любого товара или услуги.
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web wack creations
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Viva Wallet
Viva Wallet
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Vitaly V. Tatarintsev
Разработка сайтов и модулей на основе CMS CS-Cart Портфолио: laina.com.ru модуль "Видео для товаров" Сайт разработчикаr: tatarintsev.cf
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We provide custom CS-Cart solutions. All our add-ons are the result of what our clients need.
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Apparel size estimator for fashion online stores that indicates your right size for any garment and brand, without body measuring.
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VendoSoft company since 2007 engaged in the development of software-based marketing to use SMS Email & Mailing business. The company currently serves more than 5000 clients, helping them to quickly communicate advertising information to its loyal customers, and use the SMS and Email for various types of internal corporate and technical notices. The company also provides its customers with marketing advice, popularizing the idea of civilized use of legal lists, and in any form without supporting spam. In addition, our company provides solutions for government agencies, municipal governments, utilities companies and the public sector.
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Ve Interactive
Ve is a multi award-winning technology company offering a suite of apps across one platform, which help online businesses successfully reduce bounce rate, increase customer engagement and minimise website abandonment. Our suite of Display Advertising, Remarketing and Re-Engagement apps designed to: - Reduce your website’s bounce rate - Recover lost sales with email, display retargeting and SMS messaging - Increase conversion with real time onsite engagement - Reach new and existing prospects with digital display advertising These are all available from within our VePlatform - the single extension that integrates into eCommerce app marketplaces! 
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