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CoolCloud Tech
Professional team for you to build a stable business platform. We have experienced front-end, art design team. In particular, we expertise in foreign trade e-commerce website design. 
China Languages: English,

Het POS van Count-IT is meer dan een kassasysteem. Count-IT helpt je bij het managen van één of meerdere winkellocaties. Van voorraadbeheer tot real time data-analyse, CRM en personeelsmanagement, en dat alles veilig in de cloud.
Netherlands Languages: English, Nederlands, Deutsch

Craftsman Software, Inc.
Craftsman Software ― the developer of CS-Cart and PHP web applications for enterprise in Japan.
Japan Languages: English

Crafty Clicks
Crafty Clicks is an address lookup and verification provider. Offering UK-only as well as global addressing solutions, Crafty Clicks' ClickToAddress is compatible with e-commerce platforms and CRM solutions, mobile technology and desktop applications alike. Reliable and efficient with 100% up time since 2008 and one of the leading providers of address solutions in the UK.
United Kingdom (Great Britain) Languages: English

Crafty Clicks Limited
UK postcode/address lookup. Speed up the checkout process for your clients, boost usability and improve the quality of address data captured.
United Kingdom (Great Britain) Languages: English
Creadev has been in the business of developing great web experiences for more than 20 years. What started as building static websites for local talent, has turned into creating end-to-end web experiences for retail, B2B, and more. We specialize in working with open source ecommerce from the ground up, with a deep interest in both platform-core and extension development. When building solutions, we use modern, best practice techniques, with a focus on compatibility. This ensures that the final product is both stable and high performance, with great interoperability towards all arms of the application. Our US based team is at your service for all your development needs. Let us help you with your next CS-Cart project!
United States Languages: English

We Create CS-cart themes & add-on here...
Algeria Languages: English, Français

CS-Cart Israel
CS-Cart Israel company provide professional solutions for RTL direction of CS-Cart. We have been start from CS-Cart 2.X.X version with desire to provide solutions for RTL direction. But with fast updating and big changes in next versions of CS-Cart we collect a wide experience in development sphere. We offer: CS-Cart development, design integration, CS-Cart add-ons, web design and we work with 4 languages - Russian, Hebrew, English, Arabian. Our team is the Middle East leader in CS-Cart add-ons and modification. We are working to be the best in service to our costumers
Israel Languages: English, Русский

Cs-Cart Software Solutions
Our Company Create custom applications, base on Client-Server technique. We develop applications that are useful for people who use cs-cart shop . We have the knowledge also to develop applications that use VoIP Telephony Service and interconnect with Cs-Cart Shop. For example Call center which interconnect will the client of Cs-cart Shop Cs-cart Software Solutions
Greece Languages: English, Ελληνικά