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Import/Export - Categories for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor MW ONE

Last update: 06/03/2023
Import/Export - Categories for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor MW ONE
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You get a license key for free.To be able to participate in the promotion, it is important to comply with two conditions: you have at least one verified domain, you have not used this module or a module with a similar configuration. After the end of this period, in order to continue using the module, you need to change the license key to the current one. If you do not enter a new license key, then after the subscription ends in five days, the module will be deactivated, its use will become impossible. A free license key is provided without restrictions for thirty days.Export/Import - Categories for CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

The module allows you to export all categories together with subcategories from one site and import them to another, regardless of which platform both sites are created on.  


The category tree is one of the most important parts of an online store or marketplace. A thoughtful and logical category tree allows customers to quickly find the right products. The development of the category tree can take a lot of time, and as the business expands, it can be replenished with new items and sections.

However, the process of preparing a new category tree should not concern buyers, so it is better to perform all intermediate stages on test versions of the site, and only transfer the final version to the main one.

Also, a lot of hassle is associated with moving the site to a new domain or even to a new CMS, when you need to transfer the category tree not partially, but completely, with all subcategories 2, 3 and further orders.

When a new seller comes to the marketplace, who occupies goods that have never been presented on the site before, it is also necessary to add new categories for him. And often, instead of developing your own hierarchy of categories, it can be completely copied from the seller, because he is well acquainted with the features of his product.

Initially, it is assumed that in all these cases it will be necessary to create each category and subcategory manually, and this is a very long time. Our module will allow you to transfer the category tree from the test platform to the main one in a few clicks.

Module functionality

With the help of the "Export/Import Categories" module, you can export a category tree with all subcategories and settings in a few clicks and import it to another site just as quickly and easily.

You will be able to fully or partially transfer the category tree from one site to another. This significantly speeds up moving, makes them more convenient and cheaper.

You can also copy the seller's category tree and add it to your category tree in just a few clicks. The seller will be able to quickly distribute their products into the categories of the marketplace and start trading them. 

Detailed step-by-step instructions for the module can be found in the "Instructions" section


Up-to-date information about changes in the module's functionality, as well as compatibility with other modules, is published in our Telegram channel and in the VKONTAKTE

Telegram t.me/maurisweb 


You can submit a request to the support service, ask questions to the managers about the work or completion of the module via messengers, the groupVKONTAKTE and mail.

- WhatsApp +7-923-364-90-07

- Telegram  t.me/mauriswebru

- Telegram  +7-923-364-90-07

- VKONTAKTEvk.com/maurisweb

- E-mail: info@maurisweb.ru

Detailed step-by-step instructions for the module can be found in the "Instructions" section

Payment type
One-time payment
  • Store Builder
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Store Builder Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
Compatible versions
  • 4.16.2
  • 4.16.1
  • English
  • Русский

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