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Extended "Buy together"

Extends native CS-Cart buy together functionality

Last update: 30/03/2022
Extended "Buy together"
100.00 $

Add-on expands the functionality of Buy together by adding a generator of typical combinations and a page for managing such combinations, saves a lot of time for the store administrator

The principles of operation of the "Extended "Buy together" add-on:

Add-on automates the routine of creating product combinations for the standard CS-Cart Buy together add-on. The generator mechanics allows you to specify the Main product (or several products) and Additional products, on the basis of which combinations of products with specified discount conditions will be created. Add-on also adds a separate page for managing such combinations with a convenient search by combinations

What benefits you will have from "Extended "Buy together" add-on usage:

This is not just add-on for generating typical combinations, it is a whole harvester that can:

  • increase sales in your store or marketplace;
  • hidden dumping, that is, to reduce the price offer for a combination of products, which is allowed by the suppliers of goods;
  • reduce the time spent on creating combinations and maintaining their relevance;
  • offer the user the most optimal combination selection interface from the point of view of usability (and, therefore, the highest conversion);
  • create truly meaningful product combinations and automatically based on rules. All products in combination can be selected taking into account the fact that they are most suitable for each other and the buyer is organically interested in buying them together

Features of the "Extended "Buy together" add-on

  • ability to generate standard combinations according to the rules - expands the functionality of the standard CS-Cart add-on "Buy together" (buy_together) by adding a generator of typical combinations and a page for managing such combinations, which saves store administrator resources
  • add-on provides two interfaces for selecting a variant of an additional product in combination. This helps to choose the most optimal and user-friendly option for displaying additional products. And it helps the user to conveniently and quickly select the necessary products
    • "Vertical scroller" display option - if options are available in a combination for an additional product, the user will be able to change the corresponding additional product using the arrows of the vertical scroller
    • "Pop-up window" display option - if options are available in a combination for an additional product, the user will be able to change the corresponding additional product by clicking on the "Select product" button. After that, a pop-up window with product options for selection will open
  • add-on supports work for Multi-Vendor editions of the CS-Cart platform - each vendor has the ability to create combinations for the products of his store, while the main administrator can create combinations of products for all stores
  • adding products to the combination generator using two modes for selecting products:
    • add via picker - selection of products from the list (that is, selection of specific products using checkboxes)
    • add via search - selection of products based on conditions (that is, selection of necessary products using selection conditions). Thus, by setting the selection conditions, the products automatically fall into the combination after its generation, and at the same time the composition of the combination will dynamically change when the products that fall under the search criteria change
  • when creating / editing a template for generating combinations, it is possible to set all text formulations for all active languages without the need to switch the content language. This saves a lot of time when working with multilingual content
  • the module creates one page for convenient management of product combinations, on which it is possible to use the search by the main product, additional product or by the name of the generator, which allows you to manage the required combination in the shortest possible time
  • when creating a combination, in the generator settings, you can specify the sign of mandatory selection for each additional product in the combination. The user can use the checkbox to select additional products that he wants to buy complete with the main product, and which he wants to refuse. This avoids the need to create a large number of combinations - one combination can cover many variations. This saves time when creating a combination, and allows the user to quickly and conveniently select the desired bundle of goods in one purchase.
  • if a product has two or more combinations, it is possible to choose the appearance of the display of these combinations:
    • horizontal scroller - switch between combinations using the scroller
    • list - displaying combinations on the product page one by one
  • if there is an add-on "Intellectual selection of products in block (analogues, accessories) by features", a new type of combination of products will be available. This type of product combination allows you to use product selection from the add-on "Intellectual selection of products in block (analogues, accessories) by features". Thanks to this, it is possible to use already prepared samples of products as accessories for more expensive products. When creating this combination of products, the "Basic products" from the links of each "Additional products" will be used as the main products - it is enough to select a ready-made selection of products and the combination of products will be ready

Integration with other add-ons:

Compatibility with themes

Get a lot of new customers, get them to buy more, increase your profits in any economic environment! Use mechanics of the largest ecommerce market players together with ready-made solutions from the AB developers team!

Compatible versions
  • 4.16.2
  • 4.16.1
  • 4.15.2
  • 4.15.1.SP4
  • 4.15.1.SP3
  • 4.15.1.SP2
  • 4.15.1.SP1
  • 4.15.1
  • 4.14.3
  • 4.14.2.SP1
  • 4.14.2
  • 4.14.1.SP1
  • 4.14.1
  • 4.13.3
  • 4.13.2.SP2
  • 4.13.2.SP1
  • 4.13.2
  • 4.13.1
  • 4.12.2
  • 4.12.1
  • 4.11.5
  • English
  • Русский

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