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Extended comparison and wishlist

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Extended comparison and wishlist

Add-on expands the standard functionality of product comparison, making it more user-friendly

The principles of operation of the "Extended comparison and wishlist" add-on:

Add-on analyzes all comparisons of products by users and based on behavior (statistics of comparisons that can be influenced), it offers alternative, more appropriate product options based on user preferences in product cards. Thus, a self-regulating (but with the possibility of manipulation) upselling system is achieved, which looks as organic and natural as possible

What benefits you will have from "Extended comparison and wishlist" add-on usage:

  • ability to increase the average check (when choosing a product, the user will consider a more advanced product from the proposed comparison list);
  • ability to improve the behavioral factor on the site (viewing depth, user engagement);
  • ability to add socialization (due to the sharing of comparison lists and the ability to open a "foreign" comparison list by reference);
  • ability to increase user satisfaction with the choice made (by recommending products that other users added before purchasing - after all, these are the most relevant offers that are considered by users);
  • opportunities to maximize profits (by offering more marginal positions in comparison lists - after all, the store administrator has full control over the comparison statistics and can manipulate them)
  • ability to create a block on the product page, which will display products with a table of characteristics that are often compared with the current product - the content of this block will help the user to choose a product with more suitable technical characteristics from those that are often compared by other users with similar preferences
  • ability to set the value of the number of comparisons of a product with other products that fall into comparisons with the current product most often - this ability to manipulate the number of comparisons will allow you to manage collections of the most priority products for sale, which will be displayed to the user as recommendations (comparisons)
  • product comparison page - it contains a table with a list of compared products and a list of their characteristics. The following options are available:
    • display all characteristics or only various characteristics of products
    • go to the page of the corresponding category by clicking "Add more"
    • copy a link to the active comparison list that the user can share with other people
    • delete the active comparison list while all other lists remain on the page
  • ability to display products in comparison, divided by categories - this allows the user to go to the comparison of products that belong to the same category. In this case, the user can at any time quickly go to the comparison of products from another category from the saved comparison list
  • for products that are already in the user's comparison list, a special design is provided for the "Add to Compare" button, which prompts the user that the product is already in comparison. By pressing this button again, the user will be redirected to the list of all comparisons
  • on the Comparisons page there is an opportunity to share a link to one list of products in comparison, and to all lists of comparisons at once. This will improve the behavioral factor on the site, the depth of viewing and user engagement.
  • two new sorting of product lists that allow you to direct the user's attention to priority products (high-margin or those that are in stock):
    • AB: Extended comparison: often compared at the end
    • AB: Extended comparison: often compared at the beginning
  • displaying the vendor name in the feature list table - the user in the feature comparison list will be more loyal to the products of well-known sellers (Multi-Vendor)
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