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Fiverr & eBay Plugin Bundle

Fiverr & eBay Plugin Bundle

Fiverr & eBay Plugin Bundle includes everything that you need to turn your CS Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace to a platform like Fiverr or eBay.

The package includes two plugins:

  • PLUGIN 1: Offering System – Request an Offer / Make an Offer
  • PLUGIN 2:  Vendor Product Report with Report Button

Read the description below to fully understand the functionality of both plugins.


PLUGIN 1: Offering System – Request an Offer / Make an Offer


Offering System – Request an Offer / Make an Offer plugin will extend your CS Cart Multi-Vendor platform with a custom offering system feature. This feature will enable your Vendors and your Customers to create, send and accept custom offers.

This plugin is completely configurable and can be set to operate in 2 different scearios.


Scenario 1 (platform like Fiverr) – Customer can request an offer:

  • Let's say that the Vendor provides a service or a customizable product and its price depends on customers desires/requests (similar to Create Custom Offer on Fiverr)
  • Customer can contact the Vendor and specify their desires/requests by sending a message and asking for a qoute
  • Vendor will receive a notification with the new offer request inside Vendor dashboard
  • Vendor can now communicate with the customer and send the customer individually created custom offer (this offer is build on existing product, but its description and price can be modified to meet customer's need)
  • Customer will get a message with the custom offer from Vendor
  • Customer can now Accept or Reject the offer
  • Until the offer is not claimed by the customer, Vendor car revoke the offer
  • Once customer accepts the custom offer he gets redirected to the checkout page (custom offer with custom price is automatically loaded into the checkout)


Scenario 2 (platform like eBay) – Customer can make an offer:

  • Let's say that the Vendor is selling a product for a fixed price, but it's also willing to accept  offers from customers (similar to the Make Offer funtionality on eBay)
  • Customer will see Make Offer button displayed on the product page next to the Buy Now button
  • Once customers clicks on the Make Offer button a pop-up appears where he can type in the amount he is willing to offer for this product
  • Vendor will receive a new offer notification inside the Vendor dashboard
  • Vendor can now respond by accepting the customer's offer or rejecting it. In addition the Vendor can also respond to the customer by sending him a counter offer
  • If the Vendor accepts customer's offer or sends a counter offer, then a customer will have a Buy button available next to the offer
  • Customer can now buy this product for a price the both agreed on



PLUGIN 2:  Vendor Product Report with Report Button


This plugin will enable your users to report in-appropriate listings.

Vendor Product Report plugin will add the following features to your Multi-Vendor CS Cart store:


  • Report button will be added on a product page
  • Users can report a product and provide a reason for report
  • Product reports are visible inside your Administration panel dashboard
  • Report statuses: New Report (blue) / Viewed Report (white) / Disabled Product (orange)
  • Each reported product has a report counter (numbers of reports on the same product)
  • Detailed report view with all report messages for this product
  • Disable the product from the report view and notify Vendor with an email
  • Product disapproval notification is triggered inside Vendor's dashboard with a reason for product disapproval
  • Product report can be turned on/off for each storefront



Works on CS Cart Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor Plus and Multi-Vendor Ultimate plans.


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