Fondy Payment Gateway

This CS Cart payment gateway allows clients make payment with Fondy. Accept payments online from your customers easily.

Last update: 31/01/2020

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CS Cart payment gateway – the best solution for eCommerce

Fondy Payment Gateway
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A special payment module CS Cart allows you to connect payment acceptance to your site in one click. Through the Fondy payment gateway, you can integrate the Internet acquiring service both on a small personal website and on an international online store.

After connecting and activating the CS Cart plugin, your customers will be able to pay for purchases using bank cards, alternative payment methods, or online banking. Payments are accepted in 100+ currencies, and the payment system works with merchants in 33 countries to ensure fast and efficient transaction processing.

There is no need to have technical knowledge to connect and use the CS Cart payment gateway. More than 8,000 business owners around the world, including owners of international companies with multi-million turnover, have already seen this.

Why the Fondy payment system

  • Accepting payments from any country
  • Support for more than 100 currencies
  • Free connection to the payment platform
  • Protection of the web resource and payment data of clients by the own security system Fondy Antifraud, which uses more than 300 rules and algorithms during operation
  • Possibility of regular debiting of funds from the client's Bank card or current account for services that work under a subscription
  • Own mobile app where you can study payments, use online invoicing, track the stages of orders for specific customers
  • Optimization of the payment page for mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Redirecting payments to another banking organization if the main bank rejects the transaction or is unable to process it due to technical problems
  • Creating a full-fledged team with the ability to grant everyone the rights to certain actions

Supported payment methods for purchases

  • Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and several other bank cards
  • SEPA, Skrill, Trustpay, Alipay and other common alternative payment methods
  • Online banking in the EU and Eastern Europe

CS Cart payment gateway features

Easy installation and configuration

First, you need to register on the payment platform, specifying the site address, name and type of company, and country of registration. Then enter the details for payment of refunds, upload documents, wait for verification and activation of payment acceptance.

Instead of programmers and hundreds of lines of code, it is enough to download, activate and configure the CS Cart payment module. You can add a payment method, delete unnecessary fields, and change the appearance of the payment page to suit your business.

Reliable site protection

The security of the business owner and his clients is provided by the proprietary Fondy Antifraud system: using 300 rules and algorithms that allows you to instantly detect fraudulent actions. The COMODO encryption standard creates a secure channel for data transfer from the client to the payment gateway.

The platform is hosted in a cloud service that meets all security standards. It is reliably protected from DDoS attacks, attempts by unauthorized persons and organizations to intercept payment data or gain access to equipment. You can improve security yourself by enabling two-factor authentication: the payment will be made only after entering a special code from the bank.

Conversion of successful payments up to 98%

Using the CS Cart payment module from the Fondy payment system, you will be provided with simultaneous processing of transactions in 25+ acquiring banks. That is, if one of the banking organizations stops processing due to a failure or technical work, the platform will automatically redirect payments to another bank.

If the acquiring Bank rejects your transaction, Fondy will attempt to process it through another banking organization. There are situations when the regulator declares a bank insolvent. If this happens, you will not lose money, as we work with different institutions at the same time. As our users' examples have shown, this approach increases the conversion rate of successful payments by up to 98%.

Comfortable order payment

The CS Cart payment plugin supports tokenization - saving and automatic input of payment data. When the user uses the resource for the first time, selects a payment method and enters the data, the payment system will save it in encrypted form. In the future, the details will be entered automatically, and the buyer will only have to confirm the action.

By connecting CS Cart via the Fondy payment gateway, you can activate recurring payments - debiting funds from the customer's card/account at a specified frequency. For example, the owner of a subscription service can configure this feature using the payment calendar, which will allow them to always receive money on time.

Convenient payment acceptance

With a huge flow of customers, it is not always possible to monitor the availability of goods in stock. For such online stores, we have built a holding mechanism into the CS Cart payment module. It allows you to freeze funds on the card, and within 25 days to withdraw money or return it to the user.

This feature will be especially useful for taxi and car rental services, delivery services, and hotels. It will allow you to give the customer a guarantee that they will receive the paid order.

Full control over payment acceptance

The CS Cart plugin replaces analytics systems and business management services. The Fondy payment system has its analytics that allows you to track the status of payments in real-time and monitor each stage of the customer's purchase. You can view details of individual transactions in your account and upload detailed reports. 

Using the module for CS Cart, you can study buyers: used payment methods, devices, countries, currencies. This information will be useful for increasing loyalty and increasing the average check. For example, after the analysis, you can add a payment method that was so lacking for users.

You can control payment acceptance together with other people. The payment system allows you to create teams, giving each employee certain rights to use the features of Fondy.

Cost of using the platform

Connection to the payment gateway is free of charge. For making payments through it, a commission is charged, which depends on the company's turnover. You can configure it for yourself or the client.

How to install CS Cart payment gateway

To add secure and fast payment acceptance using the CS Cart payment module do the following:

1.     Go to the control panel of Your online store;

2.     Go to the Addons-> Manage Addons (/admin.php?dispatch=addons.manage);

3.     Download the archive with the payment module;

4.     Add a new payment method;

5.     Administration / Payment Methods (/admin.php?dispatch=payments.manage)

  • Store Builder
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Store Builder Ultimate
Compatible versions
  • 4.14.2
  • 4.13.3
  • 4.12.2
  • 4.11.1
  • 4.10.4.SP1
  • 4.10.4
  • 4.10.3
  • 4.10.2
  • 4.10.1
  • 4.9.3
  • 4.9.2
  • 4.9.1
  • 4.8.2
  • 4.7.4
  • 4.3.10
  • English
  • Русский

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