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The more products and visitors your store has, the higher load it has to withstand. If the number of products and simultaneous visitors exceeds the number a store and its server can handle, the store dramatically slows down and can crash.

Thanks to the latest improvements, such as full-page caching and PHP 7 support, CS-Cart now works as fast as usual and handles a high load even with 200,000 products on board.

The full-page caching works without any extra server configuration, allowing your store to withstand a higher load and speed up page loading on the first and repeated visits up to 25 times. You can expect the speed increase to lower the TTFB to 25ms!

This is how it works: when a customer opens a page, CS-Cart stores (i.e. caches) that page into memory. When another customer opens the same page, CS-Cart quickly retrieves it from memory. As a result, the second customer gets that page quickly - even on the first visit.

Performance Testing

To show the performance of a properly configured CS-Cart store with full-page caching, we created a highload demo store and tested its stamina.

For testing we have made a program which will test the load and will check for the TTFB of the HTML page. This resulted in the following impressive graph.

Full page cache graph

Why you need Full page cache addon:

  • Your website will get a significant performance boost, resulting in happier customers and possibly a better conversion rate as well.
  • Under load your website will perform better, allowing for more visitors at once.
  • Because you website's TTFB (Time Till First Byte) is reduced, your seo will be ranked higher.

Why you should use this Full Page Caching addon:

  • A database is not used to store the statuses of the files. Instead, they are stored using a custom file engine that can detect if the file is valid without needing a database.
  • We use HolePunching, this allows you to remove non-static blocks from the cache.

User manual

The Full Page Caching add-on by PoppedWeb gives the user full control over their cache. To make sure you utilize the add-on to its full potential we want to elaborate where exactly you can find setting sand such.

  1. You can manage the cache, see its size, etc. by going to 'Administration > Storage > [PoppedWeb] Manage cache'. Overhere you can enable the caching for each controller (not enabled by default);
  2. If you desire to set up a CRON-job you can enter a custom CRON key in the settings panel of the add-on, this is located at 'Plugins > [PoppedWeb] - Full Page Cache'. You can call it by using this url:
    • http(s)://yourdomain.com/index.php?dispatch=pp_fpc_cron&cron_key=YourKey&garbage_cleanup=Y&remove_cache=Y
  3. If you want to exclude blocks from the cache you can go to the layout editor ('Design > Layouts') and enable it per block, for this you will have to click the 'configuration icon' in the bottom left of the respective block. In the popup menu you will see an option called 'Exclude from FPC (ESI)'.


We have created our add-on with third party compatibility in mind. You can extend certain schemes to make it work with your add-on. We have 2 schemes, the settings and cache handlers.

If want to add a dispatch you can extend the handlers scheme, also, we have added a nifty feature that will allow you to disallow cache based on a query string in the URL. If you want to see an example you can take a look a the source code.

  • CS-Cart
Совместимость с версиями
  • 4.6.x
  • 4.5.x


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