Google Remarketing Tags Addon for CS-Cart

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Google Remarketing Tags Addon for CS-Cart
Google Remarketing Tags Addon for CS-Cart


Pay per click, product listing ads and Google adword campaigns are very powerful tools to increase sales through your ecommerce store. Remarketing completes the cycle and without a doubt offers a significant revenue increase by targeting customers who already visited your web store and abandoned it. Google remarketing tag CS-Cart addon allows to send the proper tags to your google adwords subscription.

This module works on Pages, category and product pages and all others by properly tagging and classifying them before sending tags to Google account. Google remarketing tag CS-Cart addon allows you to set tags for both retail and other store type. It also properly tags the cart page and the order confirmation page for conversion tracking purpose.


  • PHP 5.6 or later.
  • Google AdWords account
  • Works in Linux and Windows platforms.
  • IonCube (Latest Version 9.0 of the ionCube Loader is required for the encoded files to run)
  • CS-Cart 4.0 or higher Running Instance.

How to install:

  • Download the zip file from your client area.
  • Extract it to your CS-Cart root installation folder. You may also use the add-on installation feature in the Add-ons Management page.
  • Open your store administration area and go to Add-ons -> Manage Add-ons, browse all available add-ons and install “bb_gt_remarketing”.
  • Go to the add-on settings page and enter the required information including the add-on license so the module can operate successfully.
  • You need to have an active Google AdWords account to be able to use this add-on

Important Notes:

This add-on code is encoded using ionCube 9.0 and you’ll need ionCube loaders properly installed in your server in order to use it. If IonCube loaders are not installed properly on your server and you install this add-on, your site will not load and an error message will be shown on both your front sites and your backend specifying you are required ionCube loaders to successfully load your site.

This addon is coded for the "Responsive" template ONLY. You would have to rename the "template" folder to the name of the template you are using in CS-Cart. If you use the automatic installer in the Addons Management page and you are using a template other than "Responsive" you addon wont work properly as the tpl files wont load.

Alternative IonCube and php encoded versions are available upon request. Please contact us to request the desired encoding.

Support and contact Info:

Support is provided via help desk system only. For questions or to report a bug please visit:

Comment or find more information in our blog.

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
Совместимость с версиями
  • 4.5.x
  • 4.4.x
  • 4.3.x
  • 4.2.x
  • 4.1.x
  • 4.0.x
  • English

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