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Hide out of stock product variants

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Hide out of stock product option combinations
Hide out of stock product variants

This add-on allows you to hide option combinations that are out of stock. This is useful only when you use the "track with options" inventory property. Each time an option combination becomes out of stock it is automatically added to the exceptions, thus a customer won't see it in the storefront.

E.g. you have a t-shirts with options "Color: Red & White" & "Size: M & L" and surely you use the "track with options" inventory option. Once a customer places an order with last "Red" T-shirt in "L" size this combination will automatically be added to the exceptions.

Please note: this add-on deletes all the exceptions that have been added manually.

Compatible with CS-Cart v2.x.x, v3.0.x, v4.x.x


  • automatic tracking of product combinations at stock;
  • option to hide/warn about out of stock combination;
  • no code changes required in default cs-cart installation.


1. Copy the entire content of the archive to the directory with installed cs-cart store

2. In the admin area go to the add-ons list and click install "Exceptions of out of stock combinations" add-on

3. Enable the "track with options" inventory property of a product

4. Rebuild "option combinations" from the Options tab in the detailed product page.


"What is this add-on for?"

- This add-on allows you to hide option combinations of a product that is out of stock. Exceptions will be rebuilt automatically each time inventory combination is changed.

"How to make it work?"

- To use this add-on you should make sure that the following conditions are met:

1. Product has options

2. Product "Inventory" property is set to "track with options"

3. Option combinations are created and amount is set for each combination

4. "Exceptions type" product property is set to "Forbidden"

"What is exceptions?"

- You can find the detailed explanations of what is exceptions in the CS-Cart knowledge base: http://kb.cs-cart.com/exceptions

"How does it work?"

- It creates exceptions for variant combinations which amount is zero or lower.

Combination is added to the exceptions in two cases:

1. When you set 0 inventory to the combination at the "Option combinations" page

2. When a customer buys last combination of options of a product

"It does not work, what should I do?"

- Try to rebuild Option combinations of the product

- Make sure, the "Settings" -> "General" > "Catalog" > "Show Out of Stock Products" option is unchecked

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
Compatible versions
  • 4.4.3
  • 4.3.10
  • English
  • Русский
Hüseyin KAYA
It's a great add-on. We really appreciate for this great effort!!! Thank you so much!


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