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We provide professional complex solutions for eCommerce to ensure merchants the most updated and efficient web stores through managing their functionality and integrating with various Internet services.

* Free installation : for all Premium products
** 3 Months support : for all CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor licenses

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I run a small site (400 products) in my spare time and don't really have time to delve into code so I try to find reliable programmers and developers to help with my site. Valentin at HungryWeb has provided invaluable help. He is extremely knowledgeable in all things CS-Cart and gets things done very quickly and very thoroughly and his prices are very, very reasonable. If you need any help with your CS-Cart site, don't hesitate to contact HungryWeb for a price quote; I guarantee you will be pleased with the work and with the price.

I am very pleased with Hungry Web quality and services. They are very helpful, professional, patient and friendly. Strongly recommend for all e-commerce users!

I just want to make some key points as well regarding HungryWeb, I have used them multiple times for the past months and the only thing I can say is that they always provided high quality addons and always the best possible support. From the few companies that you ask for support, and you get a real answer, in very short time.

Keep it up!

I can't say enough good things about HungryWeb. Great communication and quick to respond.

Highly recommended!

For a long time I have been looking for someone who could write module for my CS-CART and here on the site I found Valentin Dragan. This is the only CS-CART developer who correctly understood my needs and very promptly did all the work that for me seemed impossible.

Thanks for and personally to Valentin Dragan, the developer of the modules for CS-CART .

Valentin, you are the best CS-CART developer! Thank you very much! :)

We have work in the past with a lot developers, but this guy is the best we ever had. You ask something before you know its already done.

And its not that we say this because he ask us to write it down here its because this is the true.

You need anything do not hesitate to ask.

If you need a guy (a developer) that is quick of grasps of what you need for your store. Go with Valentin ( Good sense of humor and understanding of your needs. Be it a mod of even an mod of his own created CS-Cart turnkey add-ons.

The A-Z product listing feature which he offers was greatly enhanced by him for our store. You may want to look at it. It is SEO proof and very fast and if you are a bit short on cash... a real bargain for the price and the value it offers your store.

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$45.00 $39.00
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A-Z Product Catalog
The A-Z Product Catalog mapping provides you with an easy way to find products by their names. Each product name is linked to a detailed page where yo...

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Fancy Color Filter
Allow your customers to browse your products by using color filters.

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Estimated Delivery Date
Let the customer be in the know of the delivery date when he is on checkout page.

Product Tabs Extra
Have you ever needed an extra tab on the product page? The product page is one of the most important parts of your store.

$49.00 $39.00
Sales Reports Export to Excel
Wouldn't it be super-convenient if you could export your sales reports to MS Excel ?

Shipping And Payment Restrictions
Shipping and Payment Restrictions gives you complete control over the payment gateways, shipping methods available to customers during checkout.