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Hungryweb | CS-Cart Developer

We provide professional complex solutions for eCommerce to ensure merchants the most updated and efficient web stores through managing their functionality and integrating with various Internet services.

* Free installation : for all Premium products
** 3 Months support : for all CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor licenses

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It has been very pleasurable to work with Valentin. Our company started off our design integration project with him. We began with the expectation that some parts of the design would be difficult to implement in real life. However, Valentin proved us wrong on every occasion. Not only is he an expert web developer, he brings a kind of good humor in his job that is usually not seen in such job positions. It was exciting to work with him. He gave really nice feedback, and was particularly great on providing the end-product on time. At the end of the project, we were extremely satisfied with what he accomplished, and that too in the given timeframe. He comes highly recommended by our company. Keep it up! ;)

I am using alot for addons from hungryweb and fully happy about there professional and support services. All matters was addressed in minuted by hungryweb team. Thanks

I did purchase few addons and there are the best and we are using for years, it really help us in our productivity and website.

The best support ever I had from them, specially Valentin. He is the best and I think they really care for their customers and that is very important for having a business.

And I think they deserve to be TOP RATED 5 STAR

Great add on, good price and great support. Thank you Valentin. Can recommend this to everyone.

Many thanks for Valentin from HungryWeb, he help me with one FREE!!! addon, and i amaze! Very thanks, i reccomended you for my friends and partners!

Excellent developer and willing to help with small things free of charge. Their addons are top notch too!

Many thanks to Valentin.
I really liked the prompt replies to my inquiries.
Qualitative changes.
Development of necessary and useful modules for cs-cart.
Will recommend to other users.

Огромное спасибо Валентин.
Мне очень понравилась оперативность в ответов на мои запросы.
Качественное внесение изменений.
Разработка нужных и полезных модулей для cs-cart.
Буду рекомендовать другим пользователям.

Just purchased the HungryWeb Product Tabs Extra Addon. It is awesome and has added a ton of functionality to our site. We supply our customers with a lot of information on our site including documents and videos. The addon was exactly what we needed to make it easy and quick to add and change this information. Thanks Vali!


The person is Very Nice,Friendly and Best Mentor too. He is not only working for Clients but also helping the other Resellers with there Knowledge and Support.

One of my favorite provider for cs-cart ad-dons. Every time when i need one addon, i'm surprised to realize that hungryweb already has it:)

Vali is always there to help, with changes or upgrades. Today (sunday) i asked for a fix on 4.3 and in 10 minutes i got an answer with the updated addon. Amazing support!

I recommend infinite scroll, colors filter, size guide, categories block, scroll menu, ...all of them are a must for any professional shop!

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