Accept online payments and expand your sales imediatly by UniPAY Checkout. Y our customers are

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Accept online payments and expand your sales imediatly by UniPAY Checkout. Your customers are redirected to the UniPAY Checkout payment page to finalize their purchases.

Welcome to UniPAY Checkout.

we ar epleased to introduce UniPAY checkout module to aacept payment from Georgian Cards.

before to install the module, make sure that you are registered into UniPAY page as a business merchant

for Registration please use this link

After successfull business registration you will be granted by UniPAY dev team with
Secret Key and Merchant ID to activate your module settings.

  • By accepting the majority of local payment methods in most payment currencies at your store, you will gain easy access to new segments of consumers and increase your income

Adapt the solution to your needs and customize your payment page with your store's scheme and logo Benefit from UniPAY to gain maximum control, flexibility and adaptability to different local payment preferences. Optimize your conversion rate and reduce your costs thanks to this ready-to-use solution

- Local payment methods including:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Bank Payouts
  • Cruptocurrency - Bitcoin

- Payment page available in English and Georgian

- Online administrative interface with detailed reporting tools

- Test and production environments

UniPAY checkout
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UniPAY Payment Gateway - This splendid extension works with checkout for payment in Cs Cart via UniPAY payment gateway accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX. A service that authorizes payment for CS-Cart.