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Vendor's Meta Data
This module allows the store administrators and vendors to specify Page title, Meta description and Meta keywords for vendors


Hide Product Code in the Frontend
Add-on allow you to hide product code in frontend and also hide it from invoices sent to customers.


Stripe Payment Gateway
Stripe Payment Gateway for CS-Cart gives the ability to accept payments by credit cards, Bitcoin and Alipay

Connect your store with BitPay payment system


Backend Additional Functionalities
Add additional functionalities to CS-Cart backend like sorting product by date added, Drag & Drop sorting products.


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Authorize.Net CIM payment gateway
Accept credit card payments and store customer payment information with the Authorize.Net CIM add-on.

Combination Prices
This module allows to assign absolute prices for the option combinations


Additional Block Settings
This module allows to enable blocks for mobile, tablet or desktop devices and enable blocks for specific user groups.


Количество товаров в заказе
Количество товаров в заказе - это дополнение является простым модулем, который выделяет количество изделий в заказе на странице с подробным описанием зака...

Exit Offers
This module allows to show special offers to a customer when he moves his mouse to exit your store


Активация отзывов
С помощью бесплатного CS-Cart модуля "Активация Отзывов", сделать активными комментарии для 10 000 товаров, так же просто как и для 100 товаров.Массовая акт...


Form Logs
Logging the forms data submitted by customers