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AfterShip Tracking Addon
Track all shipments and notify customers of delivery updates. Support UPS, FedEx, USPS and 120+ carriers.


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Геолокация от Google
By incorporating geolocation in your site you will be sure that your customers provide the most accurate addresses in the address line on their profile page...


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Vendor Page Pro
Show products on vendor page and more

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Расчёт стоимости доставки
Display a shipping fee estimation block on the product page so that the user or customer can check/find out the shipping fee.


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One Step Checkout
This impressive add-on simplifies the default checkout process to one step.Instead of having multiple pages at checkout, one step checkout will collect all ...


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Уведомление о бесплатной доставке
Модуль Уведомление о бесплатной доставке показывает уведомление о сумме, необходимой для получения бесплатной доставки в соответствии с суммой заказа в ко...

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Points and Cash
Set the rules of your points-based loyalty program.


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Auto-Assign User Group
Assign the newly registered user to a certain user group.

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Dependent payment methods
CS-Cart add-on to set payment method dependent on Countries, Shipping Methods, Locations


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Custom Shipment Carriers Tracking
This shipping carrier's tracking service makes easy for user to expedite the shipment tracking flow and delight the customers

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Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App
The CS-Cart Multivendor Mobile App builder solves the needs of users by providing a appealing,complete mobile application at an affordable price. This splen...


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Shipment Export and Import
Export order shipment details to a CSV file and print it out. It is much easier to check them that way.


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AliExpress Dropshipping
CS-Cart AliExpress Dropshipping addon allows merchants to import products from AliExpress to CS-Cart. So, import products & their combinations from AliExpre...


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Создание лейблов
Модуль Cоздание лейблов - это лучший способ привлечь внимание покупателя к определенному продукту и сделать Ваш магазин более ярким и стильным. Наш моду...


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Cloud Translation by Google
Use dynamic Google Cloud Translation services.

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Pay with Amazon
Simplify the payment process with fast and easy Amazon Pay option


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Xero for CS-Cart v2
With Xero for CS Cart automatically sync Your CS Cart Sales into Xero Accountancy Software