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Mondido Payment Gateway Addon
Mondido Payments addon allows you to integrate your CS-Cart store with the Mondido pamyent service that is a super easy and flexible payment gateway servi...

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Shipping Method with latest Canada Post API
This addon allows you to calculate and compare postage prices for shipping and mailing in Canada and around the world with latest Canada Post API. Req...

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Worldnet CS Cart XML Plugin
This plugin enables merchants who collect their shoppers' payment details and selected payment method on their own platform to process through WorldNet Pay...

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Worldcore payment gateway
Worldcore online payment service provider offers a wide range of global payment solutions including access to bank payments, e-currency payments, prepaid ...

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Stripe Connect Managed Account
CS-Cart Stripe Connect Managed Account: This magnificent extension allows user to integrate their CS-Cart platform with Stripe Connect. Through Connect, t...

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Your Multi-Lender Purchase Finance Gateway!

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PayUbiz Payment Gateway
This magnificent extension allows site owner to integrate PayUbiz with CS-Cart/Multi-vendor store. Integrating PayUbiz opens up various options to receive p...

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Платежная система для сайта Net Pay
Net Pay – это современная система оплаты товаров и услуг в интернете

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Skype Share Addon
Let's share your store products through the skype application.

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Facebook Pixel
Integrate your CS-Cart site with Facebook Pixel.

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Adyen Payment Gateway
Adyen is a popular globalised payment gateway.This enables merchants to accept payments from anywhere in the world and provides a global payment solution fo...

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Paymill Payment Gateway
This impressive add-on integrates a secure payment gateway Paymill with CS-Cart. This allows users of the store to pay via Paymill.

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