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Stunning effects for your images - zoom, magnify, enlarge, 360 and slideshow. Beautiful add-ons by Magic Toolbox.

JavaScript 360 viewer

Zoom - JavaScript zoom tool

Enlarge - JavaScript lightbox effect

Magnify - Flash zoom tool


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Please save your money! Trust me, you will forever thank me for this genuine and honest review.
This is exactly how their addons work -:
Say you want to display text. That's one addon. If you want to make your text bold, oops you need another addon. Want to change the colour of the font? Yep another addon. Want to remove the text? Ok, you don't need another addon for that.. but you'll be surprised at that.

The products are good, but the way they work leaves a LOT to be desired and I can't imagine they have a lot of happy users considering how many addons you really need to buy.. Not only do they slow the website down noticeably , the tools are painful to setup and certainly don't work smoothly out of the box unless you buy the addons for their addons to make everything work out as nicely as the demos make them look..

Adding to the joy from above, once you manage to get them working (even though they are still a huge load on your server) you will start to feel that sinking , gnawing gut feeling that you've been had and you start to realise how badly you've been ripped off once you begin to use and understand how their pyramid addon works.
You are charged separately for every individual feature product that you need to display thumbnails in just the product screen.

I'll give you a REAL example!
To have a thumbnail setup on your product screen in 2 rows in lots of 3, you need to buy one addon. Then to have a smooth scroll between them, you need to buy another addon from them. Then to have a zoom when you click the product, you need to buy another addon. And the list goes on.

Don't waste your money on this, there are better ones on the marketplace for less money with way more features.

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Lets you zoom into your product images on mouseover and enlarge your images into the entire screen on click.