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Appointments for CS-Cart
Sell and manage events in your store.


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Exit Offers
This module allows to show special offers to a customer when he moves his mouse to exit your store

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2LM Unique Selling Points
USP add-on allows you to manage unique selling points - create a set of key attributes of the product, easily connect them with any category and/or manufact...

Google Enhanced eCommerce
Track Shopping Behavior Product impressions Product clicks Checkout steps tracking (Add-to-cart monitoring and abandonment, all 4 steps + submit order) Pr...


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Диапазоны фильтров
CS-Cart модуль " Диапазоны фильтров " позволяет задать диапазоны для фильтров с ползунком. С его помощью покупатели смогут выбирать определенные диапазоны ч...