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Multi Variant Bulk Order
Multi Variant Bulk Order provides the functionality to Add the Product in cart as a Bulk using a single add to cart button by selecting quantity according t...

Родственные цвета
The Related Colors add-on creates new type of link between products. Using it you can add the special compact block "Related colors" with links to the pro...

Аксессуары товаров
С модулем Аксессуары товаров вы сможете демонстрировать аксессуары к товару прямо на его странице, создав новый блок на основе стандартного блока "Товары"...

Таблица опций товара
The add-on allows to add a table with product options (option combinations) for bulk buying to a product detailed page.

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Расширенный Блок Категорий
Добавляет блок с выводом категорий и улучшает стандартные страницы со списком категорий, подкатегорий

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EZ Quickorder
Easily setup and report on variable product and category commissions.


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Create labels to different products just in seconds and highlight key product information.


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Wishlist Pop-up
Make it easier for your customers to store their favourite products and cart contents in one place.


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Product Likes
Do you know which of your products customers like the most? Let them show it! The add-on automatically counts the number of product likes and shows under th...