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With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.

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Points and Cash
Set the rules of your points-based loyalty program.


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Order Social Sharing
Encourage your customers to share their order details in social networks.

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Coupon Code Tracking
With the Code Coupon Tracking add-on you will be able to easily track which coupons bring you more sales.


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Create labels to different products just in seconds and highlight key product information.


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Wishlist Pop-up
Make it easier for your customers to store their favourite products and cart contents in one place.

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Product Likes
Do you know which of your products customers like the most? Let them show it! The add-on automatically counts the number of product likes and shows under th...

Модуль Стикеры для товаров PRO
Данный модуль позволит создавать и настраивать ярлыки к товарам. А также создавать автолейблы