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Facebook Tracking pixels
Facebook tracking pixels addon allow you to inserting Facebook Conversion Pixel code into CS-Cart products and category pages. Conversion tracking helps b...
Google Shopping Ads (PLA)
Introducing the most powerful Google Shopping Ads platform. It's automated, intelligent and goes beyond the traditional "spray & pray" approach. Check out s...
Facebook Pixel Integration for CS-Cart
Facebook Pixel Addon by 4sprung will allow you to integrate your Facebook Pixel Base Code to your CS Cart and track actions such as registering, purchas...
Баннеры для категорий
Этот модуль входит в комплект поставки  UniTheme2 - адаптивный премиум шаблон  (поставляется бесплатно для владельцев пакетов с активной подпиской на обновл...
Product discount for this promotion
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to set up promotion, so discount will be given for multiple products in cart.
Accounting redirects to the store vendor (PPC System)
Addon to Multi-Vendor , Multi-Vendor PLUS , Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows you to use PCC (Pay per click) system.
Авто SEO
Позволяет автоматически сгенерировать текст на странице товара по заданным ключевым фразам.
  • Скидка 38%
Search Meter
WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT When your customer is looking for something in your website and he/she can not find it. And you will not know about it withou...
Integration with chat SmartSupp
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to integrate your store with SmartSupp chat.
Google Enhanced eCommerce
Track Shopping Behavior Product impressions Product clicks Checkout steps tracking (Add-to-cart monitoring and abandonment, all 4 steps + submit order) Pr...
Shipping Availability Extented
Extend the standard product availability of CS-Cart with this Addon. Choose what to show when product not available, between your custom...