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Meta Tags SEO Optimizer
Improves SEO of your store. Now you can easily set titles, meta keywords and meta description by creating patterns and assigning them to products, catego...

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Related Products
A must-have cross-selling tool. Using this add-on you can add related products or product attributes.

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Блок для группы пользователей
CS-Cart “Blocks by usergroups" add-on позволяет демонстрировать определенные блоки для только определенных групп пользователей.

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CS-Cart Advanced Analytics Add-on
You need to know how your store or marketing campaigns perform? Don't look any further, our Advanced analytic's Add-on for CS-Cart gives you det...

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Product Tabs Per User Groups
Product Tabs Per User Groups CS-Cart extension allow you to show / hide product tabs depend on user groups.

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Accordion Slider
It enables accordion image slider on store front.

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MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity Per User Group
CS-Cart "Minimum Order Quantity Per User Group" add-on You are selling to Wholesellers and the MOQ is 100 pc and you are also selling to retailers and the ...

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New Carrier for CS-Cart 4.x
Another useful Addon for v4.x is the new Carrier Addon. It was always difficult to import new Carriers in CS-Cart but CS-Cart 4.x made it almost impossible...

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Google Enhanced Ecommerce
How many times did your customers add a product to their cart, and left it there? Why do 60% of your customers who reach your shipping fees page, never pro...

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Sales Reports Export to Excel
Wouldn't it be super-convenient if you could export your sales reports to MS Excel ? Now it's possible! Use "Sales Reports Export to Excel" to convert ...

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2LM Unique Selling Points
Add-on designed to manage unique selling points/propositions, enhancing the presentation of unique characteristics of products/services in your store

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Shared Cart for CS-Cart 4.x
CS-Cart "Shared Cart" add-on can be a good contribution for the users of a multi-store CS-Cart. It allows to share cart between any of your online stores ...

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